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Pronunciation: KAL-vin (key)

Origin of the name Calvin:

From the French surname Cauvin, a derivative of the Latin calvinus (little bald one), which has its root in calvus (bald). The name was originally bestowed in honor of French Protestant reformer John Calvin (1509-64). Var: Kalvin. Short: Cal, Kal.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Cal, Kalvin

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Comments and insights on the name Calvin

Calvins are so cool, they can't help it. Their names are Calvin!

Calvin is a friendly, playful, familiar, yet not often used name. Not trendy sounding.

The Calvin I know is mischievous, but full of life and fun. He is very friendly and imaginative, and a natural in social situations.

The Calvin I know is mischievous and fun - just like his name!

We have a Calvin born in 2010. Cal is an aconym of our names (C And L). I call him Calv or Calvie but he is leaning towards Cal now. I like that it is a name that everyone knows but there aren't very many of them. But his best friend's little brother's name is Calvin too.

Personal experiences with the name Calvin

We named our son Calvin in 2011 because:
1-My wife & I didn't know anyone of the same name whom we disliked.
2-I grew up in Baltimore and Cal Ripken, Jr. was a great role model for me.
3-I had an uncle with the name; never met him, though.
4-Calvin harkens to the best comic ever in Bill Watterson's "Calvin & Hobbes" - and yes, our Calvin has a stuffed tiger named Hobbes.
5-We adore the writings of the great theologian John Calvin.

Heard of a girl named Calvyn Ellyn...

Our son (b. 2014) is Calvin, and while I second-guessed myself at first he wears it well. It was our safer, compromise name and fit in best with his brother's name. It's not as memorable as my first son's, though. I often get, "Your kids are Felix and... what's the other one?" People usually mis-hear it as Gavin, but easily recognize it once corrected. Introducing him with the nickname first "Cal... Calvin" makes that distinction clearer. We find it to be a very sweet name: he's our little Callie, or Cal my pal. When he's being a rascal I tend to call him Vinny, not Calvin, which sort of kills the comic strip connection, although parents considering the name should be forewarned that we do hear "Where's Hobbes?" frequently.

We went with Calvin in 2010 because it's a name every one knows but very few people have. It's not *too*anything (except maybe approachable) so he gets to write his own ticket, as it were--not a lot of preconceptions with the name as baggage. We (and he) love it! He's not named after anyone but I don't mind the occasional Calvin & Hobbes reference--I mean, how great a kid was that guy? Really great.

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Meanings and history of the name Calvin


(KAL/CAL) actually originated from the Sumerian language from ancient Mesopotamia and means "highly esteemed or valued" or "precious" and (VIN) or (YEN) originates from the Dravidian Ugor-Finn language from the same period and means "sky, high, chief god"

kal-(l): v., to esteem, value; to be rare; to make dear, endear; to be appreciated.


Sky, High, chief god
( *SANKE > YEN>-ANK>-�G , -AN-)

In both Sumerian and FinnUgor the original sky god often delegates to the air god various tasks of creation and in many examples we see that the air/weather god replaces the old sky god in importance over time, substituting his original name for the generic word for god at times.

3)Dravidian _an=upper part, an-ar=ascend, vin=sky

Sumerian is older than the standard French 'chauvin' This supports the earliest known use of the components that arrive at the given name. The standard French 'chauvin' therefore is incorrect in that it is a more recent compound.

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Famous real-life people named Calvin

Calvin Coolidge, 30th president of the United States
Calvin Klein, American fashion designer
Calvin Johnson, American football player
Calvin "Cal" Ripken, American baseball player
Cal Worthington & his dog spot...
Calvin Harris, techno jeebus
Calvin Vail, YouTuber known as LeafyIsHere
Calvin Borel, Jockey

Calvin in song, story & screen

Calvin is an imaginative and mischevious young boy in Bill Waterson's seminal comic strip Calvin & Hobbes.
Calvin O'Keefe is a recurring character in Madeline L'Engle's novels.
Calvin Rankin, a character from the X-Men comics

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