Joseph Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: JOH-sehf (key)

Origin of the name Joseph:

Derived from the Hebrew yōsēf (may he add, God shall add). The name is borne in the Bible by a favorite son of Jacob and Rachel (GEN. 30), by the husband of the Virgin Mary and foster father of Jesus (MATT. 1), and by Joseph of Arimathea, a rich Jew and secret follower of Jesus, who helped take Jesus' body from the cross to prepare it for burial, and supposedly took the Holy Grail to England (JOHN 19).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Giuseppe, Joe, Joey, José, Josef, Jozeph, Yosef

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Comments and insights on the name Joseph

I met the most beautiful man who has become my best friend, soul mate, partner, lover, etc. and when first introduced to me by others(family,friends) as JoJo/JoeJoe which didn't quite sound or feel right for me, I asked if his real name was JoJo, etc. or Joe. Upon hearing his real name of Joe I wondered aloud if he might mind me calling him Joe. I have always loved the name Joseph and Joe as well. Anyway our names said together beginning with his as Joe just sounded perfect, like my name had been waiting for his. I laughed that I some how new it would be him (My Joe) cause I always said things like ready to go joe? why so slow joe? time to go joe! etc. See we were always meant for each other. He is a truly precious blessing/gift I treasure daily! I love you My Joe!!!

I really love the name Joseph, but I hate the abbreviation Joe!

Joseph is such a masculine, handsome name. And Joey is a cute nickname!

I love the name Joseph. It's so easy to say and spell and hear and remember. Also, Joe, in my opinion, is the best nickname for a Joseph.

Personal experiences with the name Joseph

Hello. My Son, Joseph Alan was born in 2003. He is tall, beautiful, athletic, intelligent, and very popular at at school. He always has girlfriends (Despite only being 11) and NO ONE can make fun of his name (Unless they say it's too common!) Don't name your boy a name that YOU like, but nobody else will (You shouldn't let what others think get in the way)...the boy-names out there right now are pathetic and sound feminine (i know i'm being homophobic) i.e. Jayden, Jaxxon, Aaiden, Braiden etc...Your little baby will be a MAN one day-so name him a manly name!! My other son is Robert.

I would just like that add that the statements above are completely ridiculous. You shouldn't hold back on an amazing name just so that you can conform to society and live your life pleasing everyone else. What lesson does that teach your child? To care about superficial things and to grow up without a backbone when teased? I've met men (with both common and unique names) that have grown up hating their names because they were teased, but then going on to love and appreciate their names later on in life. The person above should also learn the origins of names before she goes around calling them feminine or masculine. Names like Ariel and Allison were popular boys names long before they were ever considered for girls. And a name does not make a person, the parent's influence and the child's experiences makes a person. (Considering how much the mother above boasts about how her children are better than everyone else is a good indicator of how her children have likely turned out). I think it's also unintelligent to allow children to date in elementary school, but that's just me. I personally like the name Joseph but I hate the sound of Robert. It sounds out dated and boring. I've only met old men named Robert, but hey, we all have our own preferences. Let's try not to look down on others for theirs. It's silly and narcissistic to think that every one would have the exact same likes and interests as you.

Our son Joseph Matthew was born in 2007, we called him Joseph as we wanted something traditional and classic that would suit a baby and an elderly man (didnt want a pensioner lumbered with a daft name)!!! we call him Joe, Jo-Jo and Joey, i love the name and pleased we chose it!!!

Okay, well, I know someone at my daughter's school named Joseph. He is, according to my daughter, sweet, nice, kind of quiet, cute, and VERY funny. She has a different insight, though, of him, since she is crushing on him. Even so, I've met him, and he is everything my daughter says he is. And, if you, my daughter, or Joe (that's his most common nickname-he has others) are reading this, just to let you know, I am fine with you dating. Sorry, if I embarrassed you, but you have my permission Joe.

Joseph really is the most classic, yet still age appropriate name. I also like that it translates well into other languages fairly easily. I will also say, Joe is the better of the nicknames. Joey makes me cringe.

My brother's name is Joseph but he goes by Joe. Joe fits him very well. I used to have a crush on a boy in school named Joseph and that's what he went by. I don't like the nickname JoJo for a boy..sounds too feminine in my opinion. Blame it on the girl singer from the early 2000's. I had a boss who went by JoJo and even though I liked him, I never really took him seriously.

Nicknames for Joseph

Jack, Jody, Joe, Joey, JoJo, Joss, Seppi, Jo, Seph, Jose, Joker, Johomo, Sep, Josebro, Jehosaphetz,Ossie,Joel, Jophiz

Meanings and history of the name Joseph

Of Hebrew origin, meaning "He will Increase," from Genesis 30:24: "And she called his name Joseph, saying: 'The LORD add to me another son.' "

Famous real-life people named Joseph

Joseph Louis aka "Fightin' Joe Louis" - American Boxer
Joe Frazier aka "Smokin' Joe Frazier" - American Boxer
Joe Kelly Jr red Sox pitcher
Joe Hill - Swedish-American labor activist and songwriter
Joey Ramone - American singer
Joe Namath- American Football player
Joe Montana- American Football player
Joe Pesci - American Comedian, Actor
Joseph Stalin - Dictator
Joseph Hillstrom King - American horror author and comic book writer, better known by his pen name Joe Hill
Joe DiMaggio - Baseball player
Joe Cocker- Musician
Joe Walsh - Musician
Joseph Conrad - Author
Joe Jonas - Musician
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, American actor
Joseph "Joe" Trohman, lead guitarist for the band Fall Out Boy
Joseph Fiennes, actor and brother of Ralph
Joseph "Joe" Jackson, Michael and Janet's father
Joseph "Joe" Biden, vice president of the United States
Joseph Heller, American writer
Joseph Campbell, inventor of Campbell's soup
Joseph McCarthy, US Senator
Joseph Lieberman, US Senator
Joseph Duggar, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's 7th child (they have 19 children)
Joseph "Joe" Sugg, YouTuber known as ThatcherJoe, brother of Zoe Sugg (Zoella)
Joseph Morgan, British actor, plays Niklaus Mikaelson in the CW Network Shows The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Also plays Lysander in the 2011 film, Immortals.
Joseph Gilgun, British actor (Misfits, Preacher)
Joseph Gunnar Lee (b. 2007), son of American actress, singer, model, writer, producer, and director Traci Lords
Joseph "Joe" Gatto, star of TV's "Impractical Jokers"
Joseph Smith jr., Prophet of God

Joseph in song, story & screen

Joe Gargery, the blacksmith and Pip's loving and protective father-figure in Dicken's novel Great Expectation. (The loveliest character in literature!)
"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" is a Musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. The play is based on the biblical story of Joseph and his brothers.
St. Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary in the Bible
Joseph 'Seph' McCauley- Main Character of Cinda Williams Chima's novel The Wizard Heir.
Joseph Armstrong from Light From Heaven by Christmas Carol Kauffman
Joseph Quiner from The Little House series

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