Matthew Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: MA-thyoo (key)

Origin of the name Matthew:

A derivative of the Ecclesiastic Late Latin Matthaeus and the Ecclesiastic Greek Matthaios and Matthias, contractions of Mattathias. The name has its root in the Hebrew Matityah, which is derived from mattīthyāh (gift of God).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Mads, Mateo, Matheus, Mathew, Mathias, Mathieu, Mathis, Matias, Matt, Matteo, Matthias

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Comments and insights on the name Matthew

I love this name for a boy! Matthew sounds like an all- American name, maybe a star football player...

I believe its a good Canadian name for a lovely blond wavy haired little boy.

Such a cute name for a shy boy.

Personal experiences with the name Matthew

My baby brother is named Matthew, and it is the least creative name in my family. My brother, however, is not just another Matt. In fact, I seem to know a lot of Matts who are not just another Matt. I think it is a name that transitions well from childhood into adulthood, and is hard not to like. When you have a Matthew, you are guaranteed that your child will bring character to his name, not the other way around. One quality I do like about it is that it goes well with sibling names, regardless of how unusual (or usual) they are.

My name is Matthew and I was born in the late 1970s. I actually never thought much about my name, which may or may not be a good thing. It mildly annoyed me that there were always several "Matts" in any class or group I was in. Then again, there was never anything unusual or odd about my name. To distinguish between me and the hundreds of other Matts running around, I was always referred to by my full name; my last name is a difficult-to-pronounce ethnic name so I heard every possible mis-pronounciation of my surname. As an adult, I do appreciate the "adult" sound to Matthew; it grew up well.

My husband is named Matthew too. I love that it's a timeless classic. It's strong yet sweet. One of the most perfect names in my opinion.

I never liked the name Matthew until I married someone with the name.

Matthew is such an awesome brother, he's really underappreciated. Most of the time, people forget about him but dude is he awesome! He makes the finest maple syrup and pancakes, it's so delicious that it's practically heaven. Although I absolutely destroy him in baseball, he's awesome at hockey and oftentimes destroys all my friends and acquaintances and tournaments. You do not want to see him angry though, he will destroy you - it's happened before . Signed; Your Hero, Alfred F. Jones.


He's like a little brother to me, so cute, but people often sit on him.

One of my closest friends is named Matthew. I always call him Matt or when he annoys me - Matt the Twat(jokingly of course). He's a very strange character to say the less but nonetheless, he has been here for a lot of my life and he close to me.

My older brother by 5 years has the name Matthew Joseph. He goes by either Matthew or Matt. I absolutely love him. he's hilarious, a crazily gifted artist, and has the mind of a genius. He's currently coding a video game and is pursuing computer science. He is tall (6 feet), pretty lanky, has olive skin, blue eyes, and brown hair.

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Meanings and history of the name Matthew

Matthew was one of the twelve apostles in the Bible, originally a tax collector who gave up his profession to follow the teachings of Jesus.

Means "Gift From God"

Famous real-life people named Matthew

Matthew Bomer, American actor
Matthew Gray Gubler, American actor who stars in Criminal Minds
Mathew Brady, Civil War photographer
Matthew “Matt” Stone, co-creator of South Park
Matthew Broderick, American actor
Matthew Bellamy, lead singer and guitarist of the rock band Muse
Matthew "Matt" Damon, American actor
Matthew Lee Espinosa, American Viner
Matthew Fox, American actor who stars in LOST and Party of Five
Matthew Macfadyen, English actor
Matthew McConaughey, American actor
Matthew Lewis, British actor, plays Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter series
Matthew Morrison, an American actor, dancer, and singer-songwriter. He played Will Schuster in Glee and had been on broadway.
Matthew Perry, American actor
Matthew "Matty" Mullins, lead singer for the band Memphis May Fire
Matthew "Matt" LeBlanc, American Actor
Matthew 'Tom' King, English highwayman
Matthew "Smith" World Renounced Math Professor at DS University
Matthew Kim, South Korean-American lead rapper and main dancer of South Korean pop co-ed group K.A.R.D

Matthew in song, story & screen

Matthew Crawley, main character of the period drama 'Downton Abbey'
One of the four gospels and one of the twelve disciples in the Bible
Matt Dillon, "Gunsmoke" character
Matthew Harrison Brady, fictionalized version of Scopes trial lawyer, William Jennings Bryan, in "Inherit the Wind"
Matt Camden, a character in the TV series "7th Heaven"
"Matthew & Son" a song by Cat Stevens
Matthew Lush, Youtuber.
Matthew Smith, MLA Undercover Agent, head of the Etif-Etis department in the movie "Where is Like Lemons"
Matthew Murdock, A fictional blind vigilante lawyer in the Marvel comics "Daredevil"
Matthew Morgan, a character in Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls book series
Matthew Williams, personification of Canada in Hetalia: Axis Powers.
Matthew 'Matt' Rutherford, a recurring character on the first season of FOX TV Show, Glee.
Matthew 'Matt' Kensington, (film) Hollow Man

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