Vincent Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: VIN-sənt (key)

Origin of the name Vincent:

French form of the Late Latin Vincentius (conquering), which is derived from vincere (to conquer). Var: Vince.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Vicente, Vin, Vince, Vincenzo, Vinnie

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Comments and insights on the name Vincent

Very popular name in the Italian American communities of New York and New Jersey.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, is a nation in the Caribbean

Hurricane Vince was an unusual hurricane which developed in the northeastern Atlantic basin. Forming in October during the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season, the waters over which it developed were considered too cold for tropical development. Vince was the 20th named tropical cyclone and 12th hurricane of the extremely active season.

Personal experiences with the name Vincent

I named my son Vincent. We are neither Italian, or from the East coast ! I named my son after the character in the late 80's early 90's tv show Beauty and the Beast. ( starring Ron Pearlman as Vincent ) I call him by the whole name as does everybody else. We do not nick name him. I dont care for the nick name Vinny, just dont like the way it sounds. Vincent is funny, out going and his name fits him.

Most Vincents I've met tend to be the children of Italian-Americans.

You guys are right, I've also known many Vincents, and they are all Italian. Sexy, stylish, cool name for a guy. All the Vincents I've met are attractive, nice, friendly guys, and I have never seen a Vincent actually go by Vincent. They all go by Vinny. In fact, back in middle school, we did this thing in health where we had to take care of an egg like it was a baby (extremely stupid, i know), and I got a boy and named it Vincent Jack.

I knew this guy back in early elementary and he was a really nice, quiet, funny kid. Everybody called him Vince though. I like the name Vince more than Vinny.

Nicknames for Vincent

Vince, Vinnie, Vin, Chente, Vint, Vinny

Meanings and history of the name Vincent

Vincent s derived from the Latin name Vincentius meaning "conquering" (from Latin "vincere" - "to conquer").

The French brought the name to the English and the Irish. The Gaelic forms of Vincent are “Uinseann” and “Uinsionn.”

This name was popular among early Christians, and it was borne by many saints. As an English name, Vincent has been in use since the Middle Ages, though it did not become common until the 19th century.

Famous real-life people named Vincent

• Vincent (Minecraft YouTuber and streamer)
* Vince Gill (Singer-Songwriter)
• Edna St. Vincent Millay (American lyrical poet)
• Vin Diesel (American actor)
• Vince Vaughn (American actor)
• Vincent D'Onofrio (American actor)
• Vincent du Vigneaud (Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry in 1955)
• Vincent Gallo (American actor, director, and musician)
• Vincent "Vince" Gill (American country-western musician)
• Vincent Kartheiser (American actor-Mad Men)
• Vincent Lange (German volleyball player)
• Vincent Persichetti (American composer)
• Vincent Van Gogh (Famous artist)
• Vincent Simone (Italian professional dancer)
• Vincent Van Gogh (Dutch impressionist painter)
• Vincent Zhao (Chinese martial artist and actor)
• Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander (Danish Prince)
* Vincent "Vinz" Dery (singer)
• Vincent Cassel (French actor)
Vincent Sinclair (b. 2010) - son of actor Vin Diesel
Vinny Balbo, dancer, model, actor.
Vincent Price
St. Vincent dePaul
Prince Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander of Denmark, Count of Monpezat (b. 2011), son of Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat and Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, Count of Monpezat

Vincent in song, story & screen

• St. Vincent (multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter, Annie Clark)
• "Vincent" (animated short, Tim Burton)
• 'Vincent' (novel, Joey Goebel)
• Vincent Chase ('Entourage' TV show, 2004-present)
• Vincent Richardson ('Collateral' movie, 2004)
• Vincent the dog ('Lost' TV show, 2004-2010)
• "Vincent Van Gogh (He Loved Color and He Let It Show)" (song, Jonathan Richman)
• "Vincent (Starry Starry Night)" (song, Don McLean)
• V.I.N.CENT ('The Black Hole' movie, 1979)
• Vincent Mancini was the illegitimate son of Santino "Sonny" Corleone in the book "The Godfather" by Mario Puzo. The character was played by Andy Garcia in 1990's "The Godfather Part III."
.Vincent Crabbe, Slytherin student in the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
•Vincent Valentine, Final Fantasy character.
Vincent, the black bear antagonist of the animated DreamWorks film, Over the Hedge
Vincent Pierre "Vince" LaSalle, a main character from the Disney animated series,
Vincent leteipa "chente" programmer hobbist a main character in hack your destiny

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