Alicia Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: ə-LEE-shə, ah-LEE-cee-ə (key)

Origin of the name Alicia:

Variant of Alice, a name that has evolved through a series of variants of the Germanic Adalheidis, a compound name composed of the elements adal (noble, nobility) and heid (kind, sort): hence, "noble one." Adalheidis was contracted to Adalheid, which the French changed to Adelaide, then contracted to Adaliz, and contracted yet again to Aaliz, Alia, and Alix. The English then changed the spelling to Aeleis, Alys, and eventually to Alice.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Alecia, Alesha, Ali, Alisha, Alycia, Elisha, Licha

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Comments and insights on the name Alicia

This name can also be pronounced a-LISH-a.

My name is Alycia, pronounced "Ah-lee-sha", like Alicia Keys, and "Pink" Alicia Jones. I now live in England, and where people say "A-lis-ee-ah" when they see my name written down. The British pronunciation makes sense as the name is derived from Alice. I prefer the British way, and allow people to call me that.

PRONOUNCED: a-LEE-thya (Spanish), a-LEE-sya (Latin American Spanish), ə-LIS-yə (English), ə-LIS-ee-ə (English), ə-LISH-ə (English), ə-LEE-shə (English)

Personal experiences with the name Alicia

My father chose my name. He liked the Russian ballerina Alicia Markova, and named me after her. I have never especially liked my name. It always felt way too fancy for me, but I've never made a serious attempt to change it.

My mom is named Alicia (pronounced ah-lee-see-ah), and is of Cuban heritage. She grew-up in the United States and has always been frustrated by how often it's mispronounced here. Other than the spelling and mispronunciation frustrations, I think it's a lovely name.

As a child, I was very frustrated with having my name (ah-lee-sha) constantly mispronounced. I got lots of compliments when people heard it, but a garbled mess when they read it. It's bound to happen, since there are 3 correct pronunciations. The most difficult is when someone already knows an Alicia who uses a different pronunciation - those folks seem to have a very tough time adjusting. When I was in high school, I wanted to change the spelling of my name to Aleasha to make it clearer. As an adult it bothers me less, but I do still correct people every time. When I lived in L.A., everyone assumed the Spanish pronunciation, which was at least nice that it was consistent, but keep that in mind if you live in an area with a large hispanic population and plan to pronounce the name differently. Sidenote - Alicia is the example Bruce Lansky uses in his name books as a warning against names that are hard to pronounce (does the middle syllable rhyme with fish or leash?).

My name is Alicia (A-lis-ee-ah) but I get the Ah-lee-sha pronunciation most often here in Australia. Hard to say, it has turned me off giving my children a 4 syllable or mutli-pronuncable name. Perhaps plain Alice would have been easier. But I like my name because I rarely meet someone with the same name and when I do it's almost always pronounced differently. I agree with the comment above that if someone already knows an Alicia with a different pronunciation they have a hard time making the switch when they meet me. I've enjoyed travelling in Spanish speaking countries where my name is seen as easy to pronounce.

My sister's name is Alicia but we pronounce it ah-liss-ee-a. People always call her Alysha. I think Alicia is much prettier though.

My name is Alicia Ah-Lee-Sha, I get called so many different names, The one I hate the most is Ah-Leck-Ah, Ive also gotten E-lee-cee-ah, Ah-lee-cee-ah,Ah-lish-ah, Alyssa, and Ashley.
My dad picked my name out, Alicia from Little house on the prairie; Mr Edwards daughter.

My name is Alicia and honestly I hate it. People always misspell it or say it wrong. When I was younger, it caused a lot of issues. I also have a lisp so saying it isn't easy for me. As I got older, I would just have people call me Ally because it's so much simpler.

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Meanings and history of the name Alicia

Noble one.
Latinized form of Alice
Latinized form of Japanese name, Arisu

Famous real-life people named Alicia

Alicia Keys, American singer-songwriter
Alicia Banit, Australian actress
Alicia Sacramone, American gymnast
Alicia Josipovic, Canadian actress and dancer
Alicia Coppola (1968- ), notable actress
Alicia "Lecy" Goranson, American actress
Alicia Silverstone, American actress
Alicia Vikander, Swedish actress

Alicia in song, story & screen

Alicia Huberman: main character in Alfred Hitchcock's "Notorious"
Alicia's Diary, short story by Thomas Hardy
Alicia Botti, character in the children's television series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
Alicia Fennel, character in the television series Veronica Mars
Alicia Rivera, a character from The Clique series by Lisi Harrison
Alicia Florrick, the main character in The Good Wife
Alicia Edwards, adopted daughter of Isiah and Grace Edwards.

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