Alyssa Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: ah-LI-sə (key)

Origin of the name Alyssa:

A variant of Alicia (nobility), Alyssa is alternatively derived from the alyssum flower.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Alissa, Allyssa, Alysa, Elissa, Lissa, Aliza

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Comments and insights on the name Alyssa

Alyssa is a short, 13-year-old girl who loves Minecraft, some of anime, monster high (it's part of her nostalgia), Detroit: Become human (that's just complicated) and is open to other video games. She used to watch Glitter Force but isn't into it anymore. She loves listening to all kinds of music, as she is a very talented and artsy person, but sometimes is not the best at time management.

She needs to work on talking to boys. It's just not her strong point yet. :)

-The real Alyssa (my name's Alyssa Mendoza so I take this personally haha)

Personal experiences with the name Alyssa

Everyone in my mothers side of the family call me "Alisa" because they can't pronounce "Alyssa". My grandmother sometimes call's me "Alysita", a combo between Alyssa and Señorita. Teachers would call out Alison or Aaliyah which shocks me because they have my name in their roster…so they must see the spelling.

People mispell it a lot, plus when someone asks me my name and i say "alyssa" i often hear "nice to meet you melissa" and i have to correct them :/

I frequently get my name misspelled and pronounced incorrectly. I believe I was the only Alyssa in my graduating class in high school out of 2,000 students. When I got to college there were several more Alyssas than I was expecting. I view my name as sounding somewhat childish, but I still like it because there aren't that many people my age with the name.

My name is Alyssa and I'm 20. I love my name itself, but it is extremely annoying to get my name spelled "Alissa" or "allyssa" or pronounced "alisa" or "Alisha". More so because my name is extremely common, especially this spelling. I completely miss how it's possible to misspell and mispronounce it. There were 7 Alyssa's in my high school. I do think it's cool when I meet people with the same name as me. I think my name is pretty and Girly, but I wouldn't recommend it because its really frustrating to constantly correct. My friends call me lyss or by last name because one of my best friends is Alyssa (we became friends in preschool because we had the same name) and my family and boyfriend typically call me lyssie.

I am nearly 18, and i have always loved being called Alyssa. It is a pretty rare name where I am, and I have never met another Alyssa. I was named after Alyssa Milano, though only one person has ever made that connection. People rarely get my name right the first time, usually thinking it is alisha or melissa or eliza... But many people have complimented my name. I have have quite a few nicknames; when I was little it was usually lyssy, and as I got older I got Lys or Lyssa. Once I hit higjschool I got Alyss alot, likely because of constant daydreaming, and I will occasionally get Aly or (my personal favorite) Aly Cat.

I'm 21, and I've loved and hated my name throughout my life. I get lots of compliments, and it's very feminine. There was a girl in my class in high school whose name was Alissa, with a long 'i' and the same last name. Our stuff always got mixed up and people would even ask if I was dating the person she was rumored to have been dating. I can't say, "I'm Alyssa," to introduce myself because people ALWAYS (seriously 99% of the time) will call me Melissa, which I have to promptly follow with, "It's Alyssa with an A." People also often forget my name and promptly call me Alisa, Alicia, Melissa, or Ashley. I honestly experience this so often that I rarely correct them unless they flat out call me "Ashley." My family and boyfriend call me Lyssi. My mom calls me Lys, "uh-lee-see-uh", and Lyssibell Calloway. It goes well with my middle name. It's Alyssa Michelle.

My little cousin is called Alyssah, with an H on the end and I think it's so unique and such a beautiful way to spell it, everyone spells it wrong but she doesn't care and just corrects them, she's so precious

My name is Alyssa and a lot of people have trouble pronouncing it! They say "Alyshia", "Alysha" or even "Alesaw". I and get frustrated because its a pretty simple name! Also my last name is "complicated

My Uncle Walt doesn't know that my name is Alyssa and not Melissa, so he still calls me Melissa and I just don't have the heart to correct him. Also my mom always calls me Aly and I used to hate it, but it's grown on me. Nobody gives me any nicknames besides her, and it makes me kind of sad. I'm used to being called Alyssa but it'd be cool if people were to give me nicknames based off of it. All my "friends" have been given nicknames and I feel left out, as always. The closest I'll get to having others give me a nickname is when they forget my real name and call me Alicia. Oh yeah and my neighbor's name is Alyssa, too. We were super close as little kids but now she's a senior at my school and we never talk. Don't even talk to her younger brother that's a sophomore. We were really close too. Dang. Sorry, tmi

My sister's name is Alyssa and so many people either cannot spell her name or pronounce it right; Melissa, Alysha, Elsa, you name it and she's heard it. Our mum named her after Alyssa Milano since my mum was a Charmed fan. She actually goes by Wiss by our family since I, as a 3-year-old, couldn't say her name right and it came out as "Wissa". The nickname stuck.

My older sister (by 7 years) is Alyssa Marie. she's my best friend. the most kind-hearted and pious human on the face of this earth. she's short (5'1 yet still taller than me), pale and freckley, she has light green eyes and semi-curly brown hair.

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Meanings and history of the name Alyssa

At 38 years old, I am the oldest Alyssa that I know of. I remember as a child how uncommon it was but I remember getting lots of compliments too. My parents were asked for permission by close neighbors to use my name when they adopted a baby girl sometime before I was 12 years old. I remember NEVER being able to find it in print.

My mom came up with the name while shopping for dresses for my older sister (who ironically is named Jennifer and at 44 years of age is the oldest Jennifer that I know of). Seems my mom is a trendsetter. Alyssa was the name of a brand of dresses and was clearly displayed on the tags.

I was unnamed for 3 days after being born because the rest of the family did not feel the same enthusiasm for the name. My mom finally won out (as well she should've, she did ALL the work!)

When people have difficulty saying my name, I tell them, Melissa without the, 'M'. Proper phonics does clearly show people how to say it though and its so much prettier with a, 'Y'. My nicknames are, 'Lys' and 'Lyssa' or 'Lyssee Lou.' In class, the teachers would always have my full attention if they said, "listen" because I would think they were saying my name.

See, Alyssa Milano was NOT the 1st.....and I probably wasn't either because I would assume those dresses were probably named after SOMEONE. Ha.

Famous real-life people named Alyssa

Alyssa Milano - American actress
Alyssa Miller - American supermodel
Alyssa Campanella - Miss USA 2011
Alyssa Edwards - RPDR season 5 contestant
Alyssa Fun Pack - YouTube daughter of Family Fun Pack

Alyssa in song, story & screen

Alyssa Lies by Jason Michael Carroll

In the book "Kiss Me Tomorrow", the given name of the main character Blister is Alyssa.
Alyssa Calloway, in the 1995 film, "It Takes Two"
Alyssa Enrilé, White Ranger from Power Rangers Wild Force

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