Amelia Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: ah-MEE-lee-ə (key)

Origin of the name Amelia:

An English variant of the Germanic Amalia, which is derived from amal (work). Alternatively, it may be a variant of Emilia (rival).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Aemilia, Amalia, Amélie, Emilia

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Comments and insights on the name Amelia

Shakespearean, classic, beauty, sophisticated, and intelligent are words that come to mind when thinking of Amelia.

Personal experiences with the name Amelia

I am 16 years old and named Amelia and I love it! There are no other Amelia's in my
school so I think it definitely makes me unique and people always remember my name. I'm always complimented on my name and people think it suits me very well. Ever since I was little Ive always been called "meals" or "meals on wheels" by family and friends and I used to hate it when I was really little but I like it now and a lot of my friends call me it. My only complaint is that it took me a really long time to learn to spell it when I was little but I think that with any name, you'll run into that. I always found it convenient to not have an official nickname (I've always gone by Amelia... meals is really just an informal nickname). Also don't like how it's becoming more popular now. I know only one other Amelia that is around my age and I know 2 that are in elementary school so I'm glad I'm not a younger Amelia.

Having the name Amelia is pretty interesting at times. People often just call me Airheart (spelled exactly like that). However, people really do get the name mixed up with Amanda, Emily and other names, which does become irksome after awhile. It's interesting being the only one in class with the name, unlike with other names, but the name is gaining popularity again, which may be a good or a bad thing. Good since it may not be confused, misspelled and mispronounced; and bad because it may lose it's unique and sophisticated charm.

My name is also Amelia. While I love my name, and enjoyed being the only Amelia in all of my classes through college, I found it to always be mispronounced, Amy, Amanda, Emily (Various others I cannot remember), always misspelled, and always shortened to Mealy (Meal-ee). Other nickname variations are very cute, but phonetically I was always called Mealy. People tend to have difficulty remembering the name. Most of my professors, even relatives, would call me Amanda. I also received Amelia Bedelia and Amelia Earhart, continuously. It became very annoying. I think it is a beautiful name, it is gaining in popularity, but be ready for the misspellings, mispronunciations, and various nicknames!!

My name is Amelia also, I'm 14 and I can't tell you how many times my teachers and parents mixed my name up with my siblings and my peers... I've been called Amanda Emily Alayna and ect. And my sisters when they were little they couldn't pronounce my name right it would come out (mirra) like mirror and so my people keep calling me Amelia Bedilia & Amelia Eaheart it got annoying but I love the name and it's rarely used it's starting to get popular... Another thing is that if there are two Amelia's you'll get mixed up with her, and I get blamed for the childish things the other one does... I hate it! But you get used to it and your child will grow up to intelligent,smart, and beautiful!

My name is Amelia. My mother named me that with the expectation that my nickname would be Amy, but my older brother (who was then 2) had trouble pronouncing Amelia and it came out as 'Mia'. The nickname stuck, and no one ever calls me my full name any more. Just Mia. I was actually quite surprised when Mia became a popular nickname for Amelia, considering I never would have got the nickname if my brother had been able to pronounce Amelia.

As a child Amelia can be known as Mia or Millie, adorable names on there. As an adult the classic name Amelia evokes elegance and sophistication.

I know a little Amelia who goes by Millie :) That's super cute, and a bit more uncommon and fresh than Amy.

My name is Amelia, and I'm loving it!

I know a 4 year old named Amelia. It's a really pretty name, and not too common.

My best friend is named Amelia and I call her Millie. A bully at our school calls her Moo-cow, which we both find more annoying than insulting.

My name is Amelia. I have always wanted to be called Milly,but it never caught on. I really like the feel of this name, I love how it flows. I was always the only amelia, for about 6 years. When we merged schools, now there are 3, in my grade. My full name is Amelia Jean. It is completely French, which I learned this year in French class. I also like how many nicknames there are.

I know two girls named Amelia. One is my sister, born in 1995. Her middle names are Presley (after Elvis, our dad's favorite musician) and Gillian (for our grandfather on our dad's side, Gilbert). She mostly goes by Amy as she feels it's more associated with her age group than the full Amelia. She is fun-loving and mischievous, and is always getting into not-so-serious trouble. The other Amelia is a friend's daughter, born in 2007. Her middle name is Madelyn. She goes by the full Amelia, although her toddler brother calls her 'Mimi'. She is a very shy and smart young girl, and she's usually found reading in her school's library in her spare time. Thanks to both Amelia's having opposite personalities, I see it as a name who could suit anyone.

Nicknames for Amelia

Amy(Aimee, Amee, Amey, Ami, Amie, Ayme, Amyiea), Ames, Emmy, Leah (Lia), Mandy, Meelee (Meli), Millie (Milly),Milly-Molly-Mandy, Me, Mel, Melia, Mila, Mia, Mil, Mills or Milles, Mimi, MeMe, Mee Mee, Molly, meals, mealsies (mealsys),Mealy, Amelia Bedelia, meals on wheels, Mei, lia

Meanings and history of the name Amelia

Amelia means industrious, hard working.
My mother also thought it was nice because of the word ameliorate from the Latin ad, to, + melior, better.
It is also a medical term meaning congenital absence of one or more limbs from the Greek a-, not, + melos, limb.

Famous real-life people named Amelia

Amelia Earhart - American aviator
Amelia Bloomer - American feminist, popularized "bloomers"
Amelia Heinle Luckinbill - American actress
Amelia Vega - Miss Universe 2003
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes - American author
Hope Amelia Solo - American soccer player
Amelia "Amy" Bruckner - American actress
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Amelia in song, story & screen

Princess Amelia (Mia) Thermopolis, The Princess Diaries, storybook & film character
Amelia Bedelia, literally-minded storybook character
Amelia Rules!, comic book
Amelia (2009), film
"Amelia", song by Langhorne Slim
"Amelia", song by Joni Mitchell
"Amelia", song by Prism
"Amelia", song by the Mission
"Amelia Bright", song by the Ben Folds Five
"Amelia Earhart", song by the Muffins
"Dear Amelia", song by Vance Gilbert
"Waiting for Amelia", Gretchen Peters, song
Amelia Peabody, main character in a series of books by Elizabeth Peters
Amelia "Amy" Pond, the 11th Doctor's companion in the TV show Doctor Who
Amelia Bones, a character in the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
"Amelia Jean" by Jack's Mannequin
Amelia Shepherd, neurosurgeon in Grey's Anatomy.

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