Chelsea Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: CHEHL-see (key)

Origin of the name Chelsea:

Borrowed from the name of a London borough on the northern bank of the Thames. Var: Chelsie.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Chelsey, Chelsie

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Comments and insights on the name Chelsea

I love this name! The fact that "sea" is the name is so intriguing to me. I love how there are places with the title. The way it is pronounced is so beautiful "Chel-sea' rolls off the tongue with such flair. This name for me, came out of nowhere but, I enjoy it!

Chelsea is originally a place name of Old English origin that gradually came into use as a given name during the 20th century. It was first used for men though since the 1970s it has become used almost exclusively for women. In England, it has strong associations with the Chelsea Football Club as well as the borough of Chelsea in London. In the United States it is associated with the Chelsea borough of New York City (which overlaps with but is not the same as the neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, which some have tried to rechristen "Clinton" with marginal success) as well as with Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former present Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Its early-90's peak in popularity makes this name one most commonly heard among 20-somethings today. As of 2013, it ranks #271 in the top 1000 names given in the United States. There is also a form of torture called the "Chelsea smile," more commonly known as the "Gaslow grin," although this association is not well known and should not serve as a deterrent to using the name. There is also the famous Chelsea Hotel in New York City that housed Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and many other artists during the 1960s.

Personal experiences with the name Chelsea

Every Chelsea I have met have been beautiful girls. In one baby name book, they had a list of rich girl names and Chelsea was one of the top names. It's an old English names and I love it. It's sweet, but still sounds strong and it just has a lovely sound to it.

I was named Chelsea 75 years ago this December (2011). Until "On Golden Pond," the movie, came out I had almost exclusive use of it. There was a trumpet teacher, some many years after I was a musician, who taught at Langston U. in Oklahoma. There was a Chelsea on Laugh-In all those years ago. Another Chelsea was symphony director for the Tulsa Philharmonic. Chelsea @ Langston, Chelsea with the Tulsa Phil and me are all MEN! How all you girls got named after an old, bald, white-bearded man I shall never know. Check my blog; to see what I look like.
dang girls will ruin anything

My name, do NOT like it. Way too common. My mother swears it wasn't at the time I was born, but everybody in their mid-teens the to mid twenties is named Chelsea or some obscene adulteration i.e. Chelsey

My name too, I have tons of nicknames. Chelsie, Chelly Shellie, Chelly, Chellybeaners and so on.

I love my name. Not many people have it where I'm from, they mispronounce it or spell it wrong, but still I love my name: Chelsea Marie(:

My name is Chelsea and I have no nicknames except for "Chelsea." I was born in 1980 and there were ZERO Chelsea until Bill Clinton came into office. Chelsea Clinton and I were named after the same song "Chelsea Morning" in the 70s.

My name is Chelsea, I've been living in Africa and Asia my whole life and have only ever met one other Chelsea, and heard of about 2 or 3 through my 17 years. It's not very common in Africa or Asia and lots of people seem to like it and find it easy to remember. Although there is a problem with the nicknames. I personally don't like Chelsea because it seems unfinished almost, and unprofessional. Yet nothing else ever sounded any better so people call me that anyway. I'd prefer CeCe more but it's so far from my actual name it's hard to remember or respond to especially because I wasn't raised being called that. However some adaptations loving family members have made up over the years are Cela (pronounced Sela) and ChiChi.

I used to love this name- and then was introduced to one of the most arrogant girls I have ever met, named Chelsea. Ruined the name forever :(.

My Mom didn't know what to name me, in fact, she could only think of boy names. It was November 28, 1988. The nurse came in and asked what my name was, and my Mom was watching Guiding Light. The characters on screen were Chelsea and Rose. So Chelsea became my first name and Rose was my middle name. Very pretty sounding and people have kindly complimented it before. I haven't known many Chelsea, except a popular girl named Chelsey in high school or a five-year-old I met briefly as a teen. I got plenty of nicknames, mispronunciations, and misspells, even among family members. But I don't mind my name at all. :)

My sister's name is Chelsea Rose, but it's not pronounced like CHEL-see, rather CHEL-see-yuh. She doesn't mind when it's pronounced wrong, but she actually goes by her middle name Rose for school and stuff. On her birth certificate, it says Chelsea Rosse.

Nicknames for Chelsea

Chels, Chel, Chelly Belly, Chelly, Cela, Charlie, Chellie, Cello, Chela, Chi Chi, Chelita, Chavela, Chellie Belle, Chelserita, Red Hot Chelsea Peppers.

Meanings and history of the name Chelsea

Old English in derivation. Chelsea means "a port of ships" or "chalk landing place"; that's why you have Chelsea in London and Chelsea Piers in New York City.

Famous real-life people named Chelsea

Chelsea Joy Handler, American comedian and actress
Chelsea Victoria Clinton, daughter of former US President Bill Clinton
Chelsea Cooley, Miss USA 2005
Chelsea Kane, actress
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, writer
Chelsie Hightower, professional ballroom dancer
Chellsie Memmell, 2008 American Olympic gymnast
Chelsea Crockett- Youtuber, Beauty Guru
Chelsea Clark, Canadian actress
Chelsea Houska, Teen Mom

Chelsea in song, story & screen

-Song "Chelsea Morning" by Joni Mitchell (1969)
-Song "Chelsea Hotel No. 2" by Leonard Cohen
-Song "Chelsea Girl" by Nico (1967)
-Song "Midnight in Chelsea" by Bon Jovi (1996)
-Song "Chelsea Rodgers" by Prince (2007)
-Song "Chelsea" by Stephy (2006)
-Song "Chelsea" by The Summer Set (Chelsea Kane Staub) (2009)
-Song "(I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea" by Elvis Costello (1978)
-Death metal band named "Chelsea Grin"

-"Are You There, Vodka? It's Me Chelsea" by Chelsea Handler (2009)
-"Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang" by Chelsea Handler (2010)

Film & TV:
-Jane Fonda's character in "On Golden Pond" was named Chelsea (1981) and greatly popularized use of the name
-The film "Chelsea Girls" (1966)
-The film "Chelsea Walls," set in NYC's Chelsea Hotel (2001)
-Daryl Hannah's character in "Legal Eagles" was named Chelsea Elizabeth Deardon (1986)
-There is a character named Chelsea Melini on the sitcom "Two and a Half Men" (2009-present)
-"Chelsea Lately" is a U.S. TV talk show starring Chelsea Handler (2007-present)
-"Chelsea Does" Netflix original series

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