Clara Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: KLAY-rə, KLA-rə (key)

Origin of the name Claire:

Derived from the Latin clārus (bright, clear, famous). Clare is a common name throughout Europe and the British Isles, its popularity once due in part to the fame of St. Clare of Assisi (c. 1193 - 1253). The Italian nun who founded the order of the Poor Clares.

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Related Names:

Claire, Clare, Klara

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Comments and insights on the name Clara

I named my daughter Clara Jane. I love her name. It has a classic wise feel to the name. It is not a popular name. I didn't want my daughter to be one of 10 kids with the same name in her classroom. It's just different enough for me... and suits her perfectly.

Clara is rare and very quirky!

My daughter's name is Klairra (Clara) Jolee. She was named after her fathers grandmother who I adore she is just a beautiful wonderful person. My daughter is a very bright beautiful baby, but a nutcase at the same time :) She is so full of life and wonder and fears nothing. She is my best friend and amazes me everyday. I didn't like it at first but when my father said to spell it with a k I fell in love and have been in love with it ever since. It's so majestic and fits her to a T

Carla and Clara are anagrams of each other; they contain the same letters.

Clara Wieck Schumann is an excellent namesake for any family that's into Western classical music. She had an incredibly long, distinguished, and influential career as one of the top pianists in Europe, the chosen soloist for premieres by Robert Schumann (her husband) and Brahms (her protegé), as well as being a composer when it was hard for lady composers to get any traction at all. Quite a lady.

To me, Clara sounds kind, loving, beautiful, and wise.

Personal experiences with the name Clara

I named my daughter Clara in 2004, oddly there was another little girl named Clara in her first grade class several years later, Neither me nor the other little girls mother had EVER known anyone else named clara. Since then I've seen many other babies be born named clara. Its definitely gaining in popularity.

My name is Clara and I absolutely adore it. As a nearly 30-something, I've only met a few other Clara's around my age - most are in their 80's. It bothered me as a young child to have such an "old" name, and now I wouldn't trade it for anything. As I hunt for a name for my soon-to-be first born child, I insist on finding a name with as much tradition and simple respect to it. The meaning "clear and brilliant" is so lovely to have. A word of caution: the main character in the Nutcracker is named Clara, and this can be an annoying (and constant) reference point around the holidays.

I named my daughter Clara in 2007

I know a Clara born in 1989. Her name fits her so perfectly; she is a naturally beautiful, intellectually gifted, and compassionate young woman.

My name is Clara and if your looking for a unique name Clara is definitely rare as I'm the only Clara in my school! Everyone loves it and says its very different.Although very difficult to find personalised items I have gotten 3 in the past 15 years!!

My best friend's name is Clara (she was born in 2000) and personally I love her name. It's so pretty, I can't even. If I ever have a daughter I will probably make Clara her middle name.

Nicknames for Clara

Clarie, Clare, Clary, Clari, Clarita, Clarabella, Cla, Lala, Clarikins

Meanings and history of the name Clara

Clara comes from the Latin "clarus", (the feminine form is "clara"), meaning "famous, brilliant".

Famous real-life people named Clara

Clara Barton, American who founded the Red Cross
Clara Bow, "It Girl" of the silver screen (first "It Girl" ever). She was the leading lady in the movie "Wings", which won the very first Academy Award for Best Motion Picture. She clearly mastered the art of pantomime. She became known as the quintessential flapper.
Clara Schumann, pianist and wife of the composer Robert Schumann.
Clara Hughes, Canadian speed skater and cyclist. She has won multiple Olympic medals in both sports and is the flag-bearer for the Canadian team in the 2010 Olympics.
Clara Kimball Young, silent film actress

Clara in song, story & screen

Clara Lukasiak, the younger sister of Chloe Lukasiak and daughter of Christi Lukasiak
Clara is the lovely heroine of ballet "The Nutcracker".
Clarabelle is one of the coaches that Thomas the Train pulls.
Clarabelle the Cow, Disney character
In the movie Heidi, Heidi teaches Clara (Klara) to walk again.
Clara, strong female character in Lonesome Dove (book and miniseries)
Clara, the kind and telepathic mother in Isabel Allende's 'House of the Spirits'
Clara, Doc's love interest in Back to the Future lll
Clara Johnson, the heroine of the novel and Broadway musical "The Light in The Piazza"
Clara Page, character in "This Side of Paradise" by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Clara Cluck, Disney character
Clara Oswin Oswald, one of the Doctor's companion in the British Sci-Fi series, Doctor Who.
Clara Montoya, American Girl Josefina's older sister
Clara, Samantha's doddering old aunt on Bewitched

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