Dana Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: DAY-nə (key)

Origin of the name Dana:

Transferred use of the surname which is of uncertain origin. It may have arisen as a feminine form of Dan, a Hebrew name meaning "judge." The name was popularized by Richard Dana (1815 - 1882), author of Two Years Before the Mast.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Pronounced either:
DAY-nah or Dāh-nāh

Adan, Dana and Nada are anagrams of each other; they contain the same letters.

It's a very feminine name often associated with Dana Scully (of The X-Files), common in the late 1990s

I once read a book on Celtic Mythology that revealed the meaning of the name Dana/Dane/Danu was "Mother to the Gods" and apparently was absorbed by Bridgette (St. Bridgette) in Scotland/Ireland over time.
It is interesting that the height of the name's popularity was 1970, as I was born in 1969 and named Dana. I am female and although I consider myself strong, I am quite feminine.
I used to think the name was a boy's name (and, of course, it is androgynous), but I have come to appreciate that and the name as well. I find it to be somewhat unique.
I have often gotten compliments on my name, especially from men.
I'm glad my mom picked Dana (Karla was in the running too).

I would prefer it spelled Dayna.

Personal experiences with the name Dana

I have a cousin named Dana, yet she is quite feminine.

The Dana I know is all girl, but is very strong willed :)

My name is Dana and I have always loved it. I was the only one with the name Dana in my class of close to 300 people. I am pretty feminine, but love sports as well. I've met a handful of Dana's through the years and they all seemed to have been similar to me.

My name is Dana, and I love being a Dana. It's unique without being bizarre. I'm kind of a loud, fun person. I'm not super girly. I like all kinds of boy stuff like action movies, fighting, and gore. But I have brothers. so... I'm more artist than administrator. I'm a writer, musician, and actor. And I love that. It's a creative person's name.

My mom's name is Dana. In her high school, there was a boy named Dana too, but everyone thought it was weird for a boy to be named that because he was new and they had known her for longer.

I'm a Dana and I must say that I am pretty girly but, like the poster above, very strong willed. I've met maybe three Dana's in my life, two of those being middle aged men. So being a young woman, I feel that my name is somewhat unique, though certainly not rare, in my area and I quite like that. Dana does not lend itself to nicknames very well and while I don't like that fact it's certainly a good choice for parents who don't like nicknames.

Well,My name is dana too . Nowadays there are many people named dana but i still think it's unique and simple but beautiful. i don't get much compliments about it. maybe from elders only and sometimes from others.I'm not super girly as well. i just want to enjoy my life but at the same time i work for a bright future even if i'm still young. I'm not a nerd but im smart.After all of that i have no self confidence but i'm confident, well,sometimes. I'm crazy and funny and i dont want to talk more about my self cuz people will think im showing off ?! YEAH YEAH i think alott.. buttt yeahhh danas luv y'all

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Meanings and history of the name Dana

I have also seen the meaning "bright as the day" for this name.

I have read somewhere it was Danish.

In Arabic "the brightest biggest pearl." In Arabic it is mostly associated with people from The Arabic Gulf as the name in that region has a historical importance due to the fact the people from that region were fishermen and when they catch a “dana” which is very rare they can change from being fishermen to wealthy people . The name is still popular in eastern Saudi, Kwuait, Bahrain, Emirates, and Oman. In songs either old fishermen songs or new songs usually start with what is called “dandana” which means singing the name Dana and it goes like “ Ya dan dana ya dana”. The black pearl is called Moza which is a female name used in the same regions as well.

I always heard it was the female version of Dane, meaning a Danish person. Probably just depends on where you are from.

Celtic Mythology - Danu/Dana was "Mother to the Gods"


Tuatha Dé Danann People of the Goddess Danu

Famous real-life people named Dana

Dana (born Rosemary Brown), Irish singer of Catholic music
Dana Delaney, actress
Dana Plato, actress ("Diff'rent Strokes")
Dana Reeve, singer and advocate for the disabled
Dana Halabi, Lebanese singer
Dana Wynter (born Dagmar Wynter), German-American actress
Dana Owens, aka Queen Latifah
Dana International, Israeli singer and transgender activist who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998
Dana Ward, an American web show host called ClevverTv
Dana Carvey, comedian/actor/impressionist/popular SNL castmember

Dana in song, story & screen

Dana Scully, character in the 1990s television series "The X-Files", played by Gillian Anderson
Dana Foster, character in the 1980s televison series "Step By Step"
"Letter to Dana", a song by Sonata Arctica about a woman named Dana
Dana, one of the Threehorn twins in The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock made in 1998
Dana Gibson, a character in the early 2000s television series "According to Jim", played by Kimberly Williams Paisley

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