Ella Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: EH-lə (key)

Origin of the name Ella:

Brought to England by the Normans, Ella originated as a short form of any of the various names containing the Germanic element ali (foreign, other). Alternatively, Ella is now taken as a variant of Ellen (light).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Ellie, Ariela, Estella, Graciela, Helen, Marcella

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Ella and Lael are anagrams of each other; they contain the same letters.

The name of a crazy old lady I used to know.

I also knew a crazy old lady named Ella who hung up personal things (the initials being d.b.) in her bathroom for all her houseguests to see. Yuck.

Well I think it's prettier than Emma.

I Have A Dog Called Ella and 35 dog years

Personal experiences with the name Ella

I am 12 yrs old my name is Ella Rose I know some other Ellas and ppl who have that nickname. 7nwas named after a great aunt of my mom's it is annoying sometimes when ppl alwyas think my name is elenore or something

My name is Ella. I am 20 years old and when I was born it was a unique name. All my life I heard "Oh, what a beautiful name! You have a very smart mother!" I still get compliments on my name but it is admittedly frustrating that it has become so popular. I love my name and I am very thankful to my mother who didn't even once consider another name for me. Apparently I just "felt" like an Ella Louise when she found out she was pregnant.

My young daughter's name is Ella. When pregnant I met a beautiful 3yr old named Ella and I was hooked. My daughter's legal name is actually Eleanor and uses this name in school and sports. I have received so many compliments on both her "nickname" as well as her legal name; minus a couple people that said both were "old lady names!" That's okay! She likes both her names, especially her nickname! ELLA is a classic name.

My name is Ella. I'm almost 16, and the only other person that I know who is an Ella is my great-grandmother. Ella is not a common name for anyone my age, therefore, I do believe it is a unique name. I love the name I have, and I get compliments on how pretty it is. This is definitely a great name for your daughter (:

My name is Ella. I'm 22 and so far, I've only met 1 other girl with the name Ella. Other people have Ella as a nickname, but their real name is either Stella or Isabella or Shella.. I think if you want your daughter(s) to be called Ella, just named them Ella in the first place!! So I don't get annoying questions like "is Ella your REAL REAL name?". Ella is a great name.

So cute!

We chose Ella for our oldest daughter's middle name after my great-grandmother. At the time (2005), it was not a trendy or popular name in the United States - though it has since risen considerably in popularity.

My name is Ella! I am a silly fish! lol at my parents! haha

I'm 14 and my name is Ella!! I love my name but there are LOTS of other Ella's that I know. I always get told how beautiful my name is and I definitely thank my parents for that haha. It does get annoying having 5 other Ella's in my grade and knowing Ella's outside of school. But aside from that, Ella is a really pretty name.

I have a cousin and her name is Ella. I love the name! She also has a younger sister and her name is Tess.

My mother in law's name was Ella; she was born in 1915. That colors my impression of the name, it seems like an old lady name. Also, it is not a whole name, it is just part of a name, an ending to a name, like "ette" can be added to French names (Suzette, Mariette, Danette, etc.) To me, it seems like a nickname for Cinderella, or Prunella!! Ugh!! Another reason I would not use it is its current popularity. My name was Susan growing up and I always had 4 or 5 other Susan's in my class, and I would have preferred to be more unique.

My youngest daughter's name is Ella Joy. It wasn't super popular in 2003 when she was born so she's never had another Ella in her class. As far as I know, she's the only Ella in her high school. At our church, there are several Ellas but they are all in elementary or preschool.

As an Ella born in the very early 2000s, I am one of five in my grade at school. This name is practical, not many complaints, although I’ve never thought it was particularly pretty. I like my name enough though. It’s a good name if you want a safe choice that’s not controversial. I don’t really know of anyone who doesn’t like this name. I always wished my name was short for something, like Eleanor. It’s a little short.

Nicknames for Ella

Ellie, Ella Bella, Elsa, Ells, El, Elsie, Nell, Nellie, Ell Bell, Elly

Meanings and history of the name Ella

Of Germanic origin. Derived from (name) prefix "alia-" meaning 'alien/other'. It can also be a short form of Elizabeth, meaning "covenant with God", or Eleanor/Ellen, meaning "light". Elfin or beautiful fairy woman.
It can also mean "silly fish" depending on where they are from, (this is common in Austria)

German: All, complete; also familiar form of Eleanor and Ellen

The word ella is the spanish word for 'she' and is pronounced like ay-yuh.

In Hebrew Ella אלה has two meanings. 1) A tree indigenous to the middle east, Pistacia Terebinth, from the pistaccio family. As written in Isiah 6-13: And though a tenth remains in the land, it will again be laid waste. But as the terebinth and oak leave stumps when they are cut down, so the holy seed will be the stump in the land." 2) Ella means goddess in modern Hebrew.

Ella इला means earth in Sanskrit

Famous real-life people named Ella

Ella Yelich-O'Connor(Lorde), New Zealand born singer-songwriter
Ella Jane Fitzgerald, American singer
Ella Josephine Baker, American civil rights leader
Ella Hooper, lead singer of Australian band Killing Heidi
Ella Selley (b. 1996), cousin of One Direction member Harry Styles
Ella Corrinne Beatty (b. 2000), daughter of Warren Beatty and Annette Bening
Ella Bleu Travolta (b. 2000), daughter of John Travolta and Kelly Preston
Ella Olivia Stiller (b. 2002), daughter of Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor
Ella Rae Wahlberg (b. 2003), daughter of Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham
Ella Bailey Saucedo (b. 2004), daughter of Rebecca Herbst and Michael Saucedo
Ella Sofia Gordon (b. 2007), daughter of American former professional stock car racing driver Jeff Gordon
Ella Alexander Rodriguez (b. 2008), daughter of Alex Rodriguez and Cynthia Scurtis
Ella Betsi Janet Gruffudd (b. 2009), daughter of English actress Alice Evans and Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd
Ella Kole Moore (b. 2010), daughter of Kate and Justin Moore
Ella Rose Dobson (b. 2014) daughter of Five singer Ritchie Neville and Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton

Ella in song, story & screen

Ella, character in "Ella Enchanted"
In the fairy tale "Cinderella", the heroine's real name is Ella, she is called Cinderella because of the ashes and soot she gets on herself while cleaning.

Song: "Ella elle l'a" (Pronounced "Ella Ella", means "Ella, she has it".) by France Gall 1987. Remake by Kate Ryan 2008.

Ella Cinders, a comic strip character

Ella Swenson, character from fantasy/ thriller movie Cowboys vs Aliens

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