Eloise Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: EH-loh-eez (key)

Origin of the name Eloise:

Of uncertain origin and meaning, some believe it is from the Germanic Helewidis, a compound name composed of the elements haila (hale, hearty, sound) and vid (wide). Others believe it is a feminine form of Louis, which is from the Old High German Hluodowig (famous in war), a compound name composed from the elements hluod (famous) and wīga (war): hence, "famous in war." The name was borne by the wife (d. 1164) of French theologian Peter Abelard (1079 - 1142) whose secret marriage was avenged by Eloise's uncle in the manner of Abelard being beaten and castrated. He became a monk and Eloise became an abbess of a nunnery.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Eloisa, Heloise, Elouise

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Comments and insights on the name Eloise

My name is Eloise pronounced EE-loys like RE-joice. I even say this when I am first intoduced to people and have it on my voice mail hoping people will remember to call me by the correct name. I love my name because it’s unique like me. However, I have never met another with my pronunciation AND I am constantly being called EL-Louise. I always correct people by reminding them Louise has a “U” in it. I am adopted and my biological mother died before I was able to ask her how she came up with my pronunciation. I have tried finding another on Facebook but with no success. I’m in caldwell Idaho. I would love to find and hopefully meet at least one other person with my name before I die. I haven’t even heard of anyone knowing anyone with my pronunciation. It’s kind of cool but really kind of weird to be the only one. Hopefully someone will see this and help me find another.

Personal experiences with the name Eloise

My 4 1/2 month old daughter is Eloise Rose, we call her Lulu. We chose the name because it was so uncommon and we wanted to stick with a vowel since big sister is named Isabel. Also my husbands grandmothers name is Louise. My middle name is Rose. We love that we have never met another Eloise and we get compliments on her name all the time!

My daughter, Eloise, is now 16 years old and I think we have only come across one other Eloise in all these years. It's such a pretty name and she always gets compliments on it. I have prayed over the years that the name doesn't gain too much popularity and, so far, so good!! I'm surprised to see so many songs with the name Eloise in them, making it more surprising that the name hasn't really taken off in a big way!

My daughter (2) is Eloise. I love the name and have my fingers crossed it doesn't become popular....

I have a niece named Eloise (now 3) and the name suits her perfectly... young, feminine, fun.

Our daughter (b 2007) is named Eloise to honor her grandmother Louise. We were surprised when we moved from Boston to Quebec to find it ranked #59 in QC.

My daughter born 2009 is named Eloise for my Grandmother. I think it is so pretty and I don't know anyone else named Eloise. We sometimes call her Ellie as a nickname.

My 2 year old Eloise LOVES her name:)I think her name fits her princess like personality perfectly:)We also call her LuLu for short(as in eLOise)Her middle name is Mae.

My name is Eloise. I've never really liked the name as ever since I can remember I have diliked many names that it is shortened/similar to such as Ellie, Ella and Louise. I've known lots of people by those names as I've grown up and many people have misheard my name and called me by them which is rather annoying. My parents have always called me Elwy (pronounced elle-wee) and Elwa. Both I prefer over Eloise as they remind me of folkstory and fairtale folk; a name you might call a pixie or a nymph or some other magical beauty. Nowadays my friends call me Elsie as well as Elwy and Elwa; I answer to all three.

I named my 5 month old daughter Eloise Rose. We didn't name her until we saw her. It fits her perfectly. We call her "Elwy" for short (because of a nickname I found on this site). I've only ever got great responses from her name. Some people have to ask twice after I say we call her "Elwy". But I don't mind. I'm glad that her name is not too common, yet beautiful.

We named our daughter Eloise May after my mother Lois May. It suits her very well! We think it sounds classic and beautiful and have received quite a few compliments on our choice. She is sometimes called "Ellie" or "Ellie May" by others but is called "Wee-dgie", "Louise" or many other variations by her father:)

My name's Eloise and I've found it's quite 'Marmite'. It's often mispronounced ('el-wah', 'EE-loys', 'e-LOO-ise') or misspelt ('Elouise' being the most common) and the majority of people shorten it ('El', 'Ellie', 'Weezie') but when it's pronounced correctly it's very pretty. I've only met a few other Eloise's, and there were no others in my year, but its popularity is definitely on the rise. I think its usability all depends on how it sounds in the local accent & its commonality in your area.

My name is Eloise and I go by Weezie or Weez-Weez. Those nicknames fit me to a tee.

I've loved this name forever, so when I got my first ever kitten (at age 22) I named her Eloise. She's gorgeous and we always get compliments, but by complete accident, her nickname has become Smell-oise, or Smella. This is fine because she's a cat, but it wouldn't be fun for a person.

My sister (2) is called Eloise. A lot of people spell it E L O U I S E but that’s wrong. There is no u. We call her Ellie-squeeze or squeezie

Nicknames for Eloise

Elo (as in 'ello, 'ello!)
Ayla (based on the French pronunciation.)
Eleanor (from Ellie)

Meanings and history of the name Eloise

Eloise is the english form of the modern french name Éloïse (pronounced ay-lo-eez) which comes from the old french name Héloïse. The name Héloïse is thought to come from the Germanic name Helewidis (composed of the elements heil "hale, healthy" and wid "wide".) Eloise is associated with the Greek word ‘ηλιος (helios) "sun". It is also associated sometimes with the name Louise, though there is no likely etymological connection to between the two. Eloise is of mainly teutonic origin and with it's meanings being noble one and a healthy person.

The name was made famous in the 12th century by the love letters between Heloise and Abelard.

Hurricane Eloise was the fifth tropical storm, fourth hurricane, and second major hurricane of the 1975 Atlantic hurricane season. The most destructive hurricane, and the only hurricane to hit the United States in that season. When Eloise hit the Florida Panhandle as a major hurricane, it became the only major hurricane to hit Panama City, Florida in the century.

Eloise, an opera by Karl Jenkins.

Famous real-life people named Eloise

Eloise Mumford (born 1986), American actress
Eloise Greenfield (born 1929), American author
Eloise Jarvis McGraw (born 1915), American author
Eloise Joni Richards (b. 2011), daughter of American actress and former fashion model Denise Richards

Eloise in song, story & screen

Written Word:
Eloise, eponymous character from Kay Thompson's 1950s children's book series
Eloise Kelly, a character from Lauren Willig's "Pink Carnation" novels
Eloise Drew, character in the Nancy Drew mystery series
Eloise Midgen, character in the "Harry Potter" universe
Eloise Pritchart, fictional character in David Weber's "Honorverse" series of novels
"Eloisa to Abelard," a 1717 poem by Alexander Pope
Eloise is a song sung by Barry Ryan and written by Paul Ryan.

"Elouise," song by the Lumineers
"Sweet Eloise," song by Glenn Miller
"Eloise," song by Barry Ryan
"Eloise," song by Chris James
"Eloise," song by Claude Francois
"Eloise," song by Culver City Dub Collective
"Eloise," song by Danny Wilde & The Rembrandts
"Eloise," song by Dave Frishberg
"Eloise," song by Des Ark
"Eloise & Alex," song by Devon Sproule
"Éloïse," song by Donald Lautrec
"Eloise Eloise Eloise," song by Eloise
"Eloise," song by Eunice Sim
"Eloise," song by George "Bongo Joe" Coleman
"Eloise," song by Gerard Joling
"Éloïse," song by Gilles David Orchestra
"Eloise," song by James Luther Dickinson
"Eloise," song by Matt Suggs
"Eloise," song by Mino Reitano
"Eloise," song by Nerissa & Katryna Nields
"Eloise," song by Nick Motil
"Eloise," song by Nude
"Eloise," song by Oliver Darley & William Bell
"Eloise," song by Ralph Willis
"Eloise," song by Richard Clayderman
"Eloise," song by Robert Crenshaw
"Eloise," song by Rogue Motel
"Eloise," song by Seth Kallen
"Eloise," song by South African National Symphony Orchestra
"Eloise," song by Steve Larkman
"Eloise," song by The Damned
"Eloise," song by The Headers
"Eloise," song by Vinyl Kings
"Eloise (Hang On In There)," song by William Bell
"Eloise Put Down Your Gun," song by Danceable in Victor
"Eloise, Don't Play Me for a Fool", song by Big Maceo
"Dear Eloise," song by The Hollies
“Miss Eloise,” song by John Lee Hooker
“Sweet Eloise,” song by White Hassle
Lord T & Eloise, a crunk rap group from Memphis, Tennessee
Eloise, a metal band from Toledo, Ohio
"Eloise," song by Say Anything

Eloise Hawking, portrayed by Fionnula Flanagan on the TV show "Lost" (2004-2010)
Eloise, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston in the drama-romance "Love Happens" (2009)
Eloise, a minor character portrayed by Rainee Lyleson on ABC Australia's family drama "Dance Academy" (2010-2013)
Eloise Wye, portrayed by Eleanor Wyld on the BBC mini-series "Thirteen" (2016)

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