Jamie Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: JAY-mee (key)

Origin of the name Jamie:

Feminine form of James, which is derived from the Hebrew ya`aqob (supplanted, seizing by the heel).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Jaime, Jaimie, Jami, Jayme, Jaymi

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Comments and insights on the name Jamie

I really like Jamie, I think it could be really cute, but only if you have the right personality. It suits girls best who have that bubbly, sweet personality. I have never seen a serious, uptight Jamie. lol :D

When I was 11 my mom was pregnant with my sister, but we didn't know she was a girl yet. If she was a boy we were going to name her James Michael after my grandpa and dad. Well, she turned out to be a girl so we changed it to Jamie Michelle. It was my idea. I like the name Jamie, I think it is cute. I've never met an old Jamie though...I hope the name still suits her as she enters womanhood.

My name is Jamie. Except my name is spelt a different way than normal. My name is spelt Jaimee. And for some reason no one can spell it right! There is people that spell their name like Aimee and it's not that hard to just add a J to it! I'm called James usually though. James has been in my family for a very long time and when I have a child middle name is going to be James! I really like my unique spelling of my name. Plus I'm happy I am not named a really girly name. I like being called James. If it in with my brothers. I'm not too girly and I like it that way. I think the name Jamie (or Jaimee) would be a good name. I think it will be fine when they grow up. I'm getting braces soon and they thought I was a boy. They spelt my name Jamiee! How weird!

This is one of those cutesy boy-name-used-as-a-girl-name nicknames (along with Sam, Jo, etc.) that lazy TV and movie writers use to signify that a character is supposed to be a tomboy.

My name is Jamie and I like it okay. It is endearing to be named after my dad James. Some people call me James as a nickname and I don't mind. I grew up being a tomboy but am more feminine now that I'm an adult and mother. I feel the name always suited me well.

Personal experiences with the name Jamie

I'm in my early thirties. I'm ambitious, hardworking, and persistent. I think my name suits me perfectly. When I was growing up people would sometimes call me "James" or "Jam" and I liked both. Jamie is unique enough that I don't run into too many others. My name is often misspelled, since people love to mess with the spelling (Jaime, Jaimee, Jamey, Jaymie, etc), but that's the only downside. I have on more than one occasion taken advantage of the gender ambiguity in my name. Considering the amount of sexism in America today (especially in education and the workplace), I don't mind not giving away my gender when I send an email or write an application. I feel like my work gets fairer consideration that way. Sometimes people are surprised when they meet me - I'm definitely a woman and not particularly tomboyish - but it's always been fine. We get a good laugh out of it!

I am 40 and my name is Jamie. I love my name and it truly defines who I am. I think Jamie is a great name for a strong, confident, go getter woman. As a child people would call me James, which was endearing to me. I also grew up in California, with several Jaime's (Haime)I did not like when people would confuse the names and call me that and would respond do I look like a boy? Yes, it takes a strong personality to be a Jamie. But it's also a very cute name since it ends in ie!

I am in my mid thirties. My name is Jamie and I have a very serious, uptight personality, lol. I thought I'd mention that since I read the comment above. I don't mind the name so much now. I didn't like it as a child, though, since I only knew boys named Jaime and got called that Spanish name. Well, I do live in California. Oddly enough, in my twenties I went by the male name James. I really don't like the combination of my middle name Lynn, though. Popular culture has made it a joke.

My sister's name is Jamie and she's never liked it. She hates that people always think she's a man (the fact that her middle name is Ross doesn't help).

I'm a female Jamie in my mid-twenties and LOVE my name. I like the tomboy feel for the most part, and in situations where I need to be identified as a woman (e.g. on a resume), I simply include my feminine middle name.

I named my daughter Jamie Annelise in 2002.

I'm a 15-year-old Jamie and I've never liked my name. There are no good nicknames, I get mistaken for a boy, and it just doesn't match my personality.

I knew a girl named Jamie a while ago, and she was one of the sweetest girls I have ever known. It's funny how Jamie is supposed to be a boys name, but the only Jamie's you ever see are girls. Interesting. I like Jamie, I think it's cute. :)

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Meanings and history of the name Jamie

Jamie comes from James, which is in turn a derivative of Jacob.

Famous real-life people named Jamie

Jamie Lee Curtis, actress
Jami Gertz, actress
Jaime "James" King, actress and model
Jamie-Lynn Sigler, actress (The Sopranos)
Jamie-Lynn Spears, actress and sister of Britney Spears
Jamie Chung, American actress
Jamie Clayton, American model and actress
Jaymee Joaquin (born 1979), Filipina actress
Jamie Salé, Canadian figure skater
Jamie Reid, American backstroke swimmer
Jamie Silverstein, American figure skater, ice dancer
Jamie O'Neal, Australian country singer
Jamie Anderson, professional snowboarder
Jamie Seerman, American folk singer who performs under the stage name 'Jaymay'

Jamie in song, story & screen

Jamie "Ja'mie" King, character played by Chris Lilley in the popular Australian comedy series We Can Be Heroes, Summer Heights High, and Ja'mie: Private School Girl
Jamie, the Bionic Woman
Jamie All Over, Mayday Parade
Dear Jamie...Sincerely Me, Hellogoodbye
Jamie, wife in '90s sitcom "Mad About You", played by Helen Hunt
Jamie is the name of the female star of "A Walk to Remember", played by Mandy Moore.
Jamie is also the name of the female star of the book "A Walk to Remember, by Nicholas Sparks
Jamie's Cryin', Van Halen
Jamie Used To Be My Girl, Ray Parker and Raydio
"Jamie" song by Weezer
Jamie Lloyd,Halloween 4 and 5

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