Juliet Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: joo-lee-EHT (key)

Origin of the name Juliet:

English form of the French Juliette, which is a diminutive form of Julie (downy-bearded, youth). The name is borne by the heroine of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, a famous tragedy about star-crossed lovers.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Jules, Julie, Julietta, Juliette

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Comments and insights on the name Juliet

Juliet is J in the NATO phonetic alphabet

One of my all-time favorite girl-girl twin combos is Juliet Frances and Margaret Rose.

Personal experiences with the name Juliet

I'm having twin girls and We intend to name them Juliet Michelle and Scarlett Eleanor after the books and the Beatles songs, Literary First Names, Musical Middle Names

I named my daughter Juliet and even now that she is 2, I am still so in love with her name. Not only was it my mom's name, it is so beautiful and feminine. We call her Jules a lot as well. I get so many comments on her name - there are the few "Where's Romeo?" comments but it's not bad. I love that it is not very common but so classic.

My 4-year-old is named Juliet Grace. She is my 5th child and I love her name so much. We call her Jet, and I like that she can have a “cute” nickname when she’s younger and then a formal name for when she is older. We were debating on the spelling but I am so glad we went with Juliet instead of Juliette.

Nicknames for Juliet

- Jules
- Jewel
- Ju
- JuJu
- Jet (a contraction of the beginning and ending sounds, my daughter adores her nickname), also Jett or Jette
- Lettie
- Little J
- Julie
- JuJi
- Etta
- Ju Ju Bee
- Julietta
- Jude
- Juliet
- Julie
- Jul
- Ju (pronounced "jue")
- J (pronounced "juh") ;)
- Jutes
- Shmooliet
- Juliet - but saying it like it's a Spanish
name. Similar to Juan. Pronounced

Meanings and history of the name Juliet
Famous real-life people named Juliet

- Juliet Simms: American singer featured on the singing competition "The Voice" in 2012
- Juliet Prowse: South African dancer
- Juliet Huddy: American journalist
- Juliet Landau: American actress
- Juliet Stevenson: British actress, who starred in the film "Truly, Madly Deeply", amongst many other things.
- Juliette Lewis: Academy Award- and Golden Globe-nominated American actress and singer. She has starred in movies such as "Cape Fear," "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," "Natural Born Killers," "The Evening Star," and "From Dusk Till Dawn."

Juliet in song, story & screen

- Juliet Capulet: Heroine of Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet".
- Juliet Burke: A character on the TV series "Lost".
- Juliet O'Hara: A detective for the Santa Barbara Police on the TV series "Psych".
- Juliet "Jules" Paxton: a central character in the movie "Bend It Like Beckham" played by Keira Knightley.
- Juliet: character in the film "Love Actually" played by Keira Knightley.
- "Juliet of the Spirits": A 1965 surrealist drama directed by Federico Fellini.
- "Letters to Juliet": A 2010 movie starring Amanda Seyfried, Chris Egan, Vanessa Redgrave, Gael García Bernal, and Franco Nero.
- "Juliet Of The Spirits": A song by The B-52s.
- "Check Yes Juliet": A song by the band We the Kings.
- "Love Story": A song by Taylor Swift features a Juliet as the protagonist.
- Juliette Silverton a character in the tv show Grimm.
-The song "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk the Moon features the name Juliet in their song lyrics.

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