Lauren Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: LAW-rin (key)

Origin of the name Lauren:

English cognate of the French Laurence, a feminine form of Laurent, which is derived from the Latin Laurentius (man from Laurentum, a town in Latium).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Laurie, Lauryn, Loren, Laura

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Comments and insights on the name Lauren

Pronounced: LAW-rin

My name is Lauren and everywhere I go, it is pronounced "Lore-in" but it is hardly ever spelled correctly. Everyone tries to spell it "Loran." My favorite spelling of my name is "Lauryn."

Personal experiences with the name Lauren

My name is Lauren and I pronounce it LAW-REN. I live in England and there are some of my friends with the same name as me! I find that senior citizens tend to pronounce my name wrong. I like it as it is like the laurel plant and I personally love nature.

My daughter's name is Lauren. I thought it was an unusual name, but the books said it was popular. In school, there was only one other Lauren, so it was not all that common where we lived. I still love the name. Strong, smart, even-tempered.

My name is Lauren, and I got called Loren, Lawrin, and Lala. It gets a little annoying because there are so many Lauren's I know that people now just call me by my last name because I always thought it was someone else they were talking to.

I have a sister and aunt named Lauren, the sister pronounced Lore-in and the aunt Law-rin. Neither my aunt nor my sister seem to be bothered when people pronounce their name the other way, but I feel like if it was me that could get annoying. Of the Laurens I know it's about a 50/50 split on pronunciation, so when I meet a new one I never know which it will be...

I say my name Law-rin (or Lar-in) but everyone mispronounces it Lor-in.
I agree, my name is Law-rin, not Lor-in (the males spelling and pronunciation), however, my mom did spell my name when I was born LaurAn, I have no idea what she was thinking, people called me Law-ran, we had it change!
My name is Lauren and I pronounce my name Lor-in. Lor-in is not a males spelling/pronuciation. Anyways, I hate it when people call me Law-rin. I feel like strangling them. It's Lor-in. I love my name and I would NOT change it. I like the spelling of Lauren not of Lorin or Lawren.

It actually is the male spelling/pronunciation if you research the history of the name :) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
On the flip side, I don't like it when people call me "Lor-in." But I've learned to live with it rather than correct them. I do get called "Laura" from time to time, but usually brush it off.

My name is Lauren and I pronounce it Law-rin. I hate when people say Lor-in because it’s not phonetically how my name is spelt but I usually just ignore them because it’s not a huge deal. I usually go by Lauren or Lo.

Nicknames for Lauren

Laur, Laurie, Ren, Wren, Lo, La, Lala, Laurnee, Lulu, Lele, Laura, Loz, Lozza, Lolly, LoLo, Lern

Meanings and history of the name Lauren

Derived from "Laura," Lauren has various meanings: "crowned with laurels," "sweet of honor" or "victory of wisdom." The ancient Greeks used laurel wreaths or crowns as a symbol of victory, so if you'd like to think of it that way, more literally, Lauren means "victorious."

Famous real-life people named Lauren

Lauren Bacall, American actress
Lauren Hutton, American supermodel and actress (born Mary Laurence Hutton)
Lauren Cohan, American actress
Lauren Conrad, American reality star
Lauren Graham, American actress
Lauren Holiday, US Women's National Soccer Player
Lauren Jauregui, Fifth Harmony singer
Lauren Lopez, Stage Actress
Lauren Holly, American actress
Lauren Elizabeth, American Internet Star
Lauren London, American actress
Lauren Jolie Lockwood (b. 2007), daughter of former American professional basketball player Lisa Leslie
Lauren Andrus Leach (b. 2009), daughter of American former professional tennis player Lindsay Davenport
Lauren Daigle, American contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter

Lauren in song, story & screen

"Lauren & I" sung by Keith Harkin from Celtic Thunder
"Lauren" by Sharif
Lauren Cooper, character on "The Catherine Tate Show", a 15-year-old schoolgirl "chav" with a surly attitude, most widely known for her phrase "Am I bovvered?" (i.e. bothered).
Lauren Zizes, character on the TV series "Glee"
Lauren Branning, UK soap 'Eastenders" character
Lauren Tanner, character on the TV series "Make it or Break it"
Lauren Miller, character on American sitcom 'Still Standing'

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