Leslie Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: LEHZ-lee, LEHS-lee (key)

Origin of the name Leslie:

Transferred use of the Scottish surname taken from Lesslyn, a place-name in Aberdeenshire. The name might be derived from the Gaelic elements lios (enclosure, garden, fort) and chuilinn (a holly tree) or liath (gray): hence, "garden of hollies" or "the gray fort." The name, borne by a well-known Scottish clan, was not in common use as a personal name until late in the 19th century.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Leslee, Lesley, Lesli, Lesly, Leslye

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Historically a unisex name (with male usage common in the southern states). Currently used for girls only in the U.S.

Leslie and Liesel are anagrams of each other; both contain the same letters.

Personal experiences with the name Leslie

I like my name because it is not entirely off-the-wall, but it's somewhat uncommon. My father called me Lesslie and my mother called me Lezlie. I prefer Lezlie and introduce myself this way. I just think that the z pronunciation makes the name sound more sophisticated and grown up.

I think of my name as a smooth and pretty name to say, and also somewhat uncommon. I have lived and spent extended time in many states and have only personally met two other women (and no men) with my name. My family and I pronounce my name as Leslie (with the traditional spelling). I dislike being referred to as "Lezlie"; the "z" is harsh and detracts from the beauty of the name.

My family pronounced my name Leslie, I prefer & wished my name had been pronounced Lezlie. Sounds more feminine, interesting-- maybe even sexy. Then I would like my name. I realized this late in life. Sometimes someone will call me Lezlie & I love it. Also I would have preferred the spelling Lesley--more feminine.

I had a different experience. My family pronounced my name Leslie, but teachers often defaulted to pronouncing it Lezlie. I prefer Leslie, because I think the Z sound is harsh. I also like the spelling Leslie because it is unique.

Hi my name is Lezly. I love it. I have never met one other person with the same spelling. Im glad it wasnt spelled with a s because i think it sounds like a boys name. I always have to spell it to everyone but thats ok with me

I have always loved my name. Happy that I have the traditional spelling L-E-S-L-I-E.

Hello. My name is Lesley. i don't hate my name. I'm 15 years old and so far i know that theirs not a lot of Lesley's, which i like. People usually say my name with the 'z' but i really like how it sounds with the 's'. The 's' sounds smoother. i also really like the fact that my name is spelled L-e-s-l-e-y and not L-e-s-l-i-e. I really like the way my name would look if it was spelled Leslee, because it looks fun. Most people like spelling my name wrong.

I was born in 1960 and I have never experienced going to school with anyone with my name or ever even working with anyone named LESLIE, so I feel very happy with my name all these years and I always felt like a true individual. I prefer the "S" in my name and agree with the harshness of putting a "Z" in there and always corrected people imediately when they pronounced it like that. I never had a issue with "how do you spell that" , and was never teased or called anything else and the only nickename that only people close to me use was Les.

My name is Leslie and I am Male. I am proud to be the 7th Male in direct line with the name Leslie on my paternal side. However I am the first to actually be called Leslie of which we pronounce Less-Lee. Growing up in the deep south I knew one other Leslie(male) and a Lesley(female). The female pronunciation has always been with the "Z" sound: Lezlee. The most famous females with the name are Lesley Uggums and Lesley Ann Warren. The most famous male was Leslie Howard (Ashley in Gone with the Wind). Oddly I have a male cousin named Ashley. Unfortunately I do not have children so the continuity of the name in my family ends with me. BTW - It is most irritating when someone calls me Les or even worse, Lester.

My name is Leslie, im a female, and i think my name is awesome! Many of my friends call me Le~Le or lesi and i like it, it seems nice. Here in my school im the only girl named leslie and it makes me happy because im the only leslie. In school nobody never picked on my name and people always said i have a lovely name, i am very happy my name is leslie. Sometimes i just stare at my name and laugh and wonder why my name is Leslie, i hope im not the only one who does this lol. I really like my name so i think of getting a tattoo on my arm, saying Leslie in calligraphy ,old english font. You can also spell the name leslie in a calculator -- 317537. Just turn it upside down, and Viola!!

My name is Leslie, and I also discovered the calculator tip as a child! I thought that was so cool. Anyways, I really do like my name. I love how different it is, and I love that I have never met anyone my age with the same name, (I was born in 1995) although, I happened to fall in love with a guy whose mother's name is Leslie. I have been dating him for three years and every thanksgiving and Christmas are confusing. We are fixing to get married soon, and having his mother's exact same name will get even more confusing. I really like the name Elle, being pronounced, just like the letter "L", but the problem with nicknames is that you can't actually make them up for yourself, so that's been an issue. Right now, I like it pronounced "LeSlie" emphasis on the 'S'. But my entire family and friends are very lazy with their speech, and they all call me Lezlie. So I am used to it. I would really like to see more 2016+ babies with the name Leslie. Because it's not too popular, but it also has an older and traditional ring to it.

Nicknames for Leslie

Lel, Lelley, Les, Lessie, Lez, Lolly, La, Less-is-more, Lesaly, Lily, Lacy, Lesi, Lesu, Esel, Lee, Le-Le, Lezi, Essie
Lady, Lala, Eli, Less, Elle, Leslo, Eilsel

Meanings and history of the name Leslie
Famous real-life people named Leslie

Leslie Caron, actress
Leslie Gore, singer
Leslie Bibb, actress
Leslie Blodgett, Bare Escentuals CEO and cosmetics entreprenuer
Leslie Uggams, actress
Leslie Mann, American actress
Leslie Grace, American singer
Leslie Odom Jr., Actor
Leslie Feinberg, transgender civil rights activist
Leslie Van Houten, American convicted murderer and former member of the Manson Family

Leslie in song, story & screen

Leslie Shay - A main female character on the TV series 'Chicago Fire' (NBC, 2012-2013). The character's full name is Leslie Elizabeth Shay & is played by actress Lauren German.
Leslie Knope - A character from "Parks & Recreation" played by Amy Poehler
Leslie Burk from Bridge To Terabithia
"Leslie Moore," character in Anne's House of Dreams by Lucy Maud Montgomery (and subsequent books)
"Leslie Anne Levine" song by the Decemberists
From song "Summer in the City" by the Loving Spoonful--my friends always thought they sang "You and me and Leslie" instead of "You and me endlessly" worked/works for me--Leslie Lowrey.
Robert Frost's "Last Word of the Bluebird" "... tell Lesley (will you?)That her little Bluebird" Frost's daughter was named Lesley
Leslie Caron--musicals "American in Paris" with Gene Kelly;"Gigi" with Maurice Chelvalier & many stage/screen movies.Orig.French Ballerina
Lesley Anne Warren-actress-stage/screen/tv-1965 TV musical "Cinderella"
'Leslie Benedict' was the character played by Elizabeth Taylor in the movie 'Giant' (1956).
'Leslie Wright' was the main character in the film Just Wright (2010) played by Queen Latifah.
'See You Again" by Miley Cyrus. Has line in chorus singing, "You asked what's wrong with me, my best friend Leslie said "Oh she's just being Miley".
Leslie Meyers, an antagonist in Season 19 of South Park

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