Lydia Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: LI-dee-ə (key)

Origin of the name Lydia:

Of Greek origin, Lydia (woman from Lydia, an ancient kingdom in western Asia Minor) is common throughout the English-speaking world.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Lydia

Lydia is a very beautiful name. Many people regard this name as being the name of someone noble, kind and humble. When you tell someone that you are called Lydia, you always get a comment on how pretty your name is. It was once the worlds most popular girls name. It is also the name of the popular up-and-coming Irish singer Lydia Napier. It is of Greek origin and comes from the bible where the name Lydia means -kind-, kindred spirit. Saint Lydia was born during the first century in Thyatira, a town famous in Asia Minor that was famous for its dye works (hence her name, which means purple seller). She was a seller of purple dye and was St. Paul's first convert at Philippi. The following is from the Acts of the Apostles:

"And a certain woman named Lydia, a seller of purple, of the city of Thyatira, one that worshipped God, did hear: whose heart the Lord opened to attend to those things which were said by Paul. And when she was baptized, and her household, she besought us, saying: If you have judged me to be faithful to the Lord, come into my house, and abide there. And she constrained us."
~Acts 16:14-15

She was baptized with her household. Thereafter, Paul made his home with her while in Philippi.

Lydia was a woman of hospitality, a woman of faith. As a successful businesswoman she most likely had a home spacious enough to welcome guests and to use her home as a Christian center, where others would gather for the Holy Mass and prayer. After Paul and Silas were released from prison, they went immediately to Lydia’s house to see and encourage the believers gathered there. Lydia served the Lord through her gift of hospitality by welcoming others into her home.

Lydia is one of the few female names from the New Testament.

Personal experiences with the name Lydia

~One of my 2 year old daughters is named "Lydia". She has a twin sister. My husband and I decided on the name Lydia after going through quite a few other names. We just knew we had found the right one. She is definitely a Lydia. Lydia is such a beautiful name! It's so positive.

~I'm from Los Angeles and I love my name, :)

~My name is Lydia and I've always loved my name <3


~My name is Lydia, and I have had no problem with it at all. I love my name so much, it's so pretty :)

~My name is Lydia as well :). I LOVE THE NAME LYDIA! It's such a beautiful name, i'm so proud to be called it, it stands for honesty and truth, and I always get compliments for it :) I think people over-complicate the name Lydia. It's a beautiful name. To all you Lydia's high five bro! Lydia's are very cool.

~My name is Lydia Elizabeth. other nicknames include Lydibeth and Lydibug. I believe that my name is the right choice for me and when I have kids, I will continue these baby name traditions.

~My name is Lydia, I love my name so much. NAME YOUR CHILD LYDIA ROSE AFTER ME PLEASE AND MAKE HER FAMOUS! (Awww Lydia Rose is such a cute name. <3)

~My name is Lydia Napier :) I love my name so much. I want to be a singer when I'm older, so look out for me, and definitely name your child Lydia, it's such a gorgeous name, and you'll definitely get compliments for it ;) I'm going to be famous one day, so remember me! <3

~Hello fellow Lydias. I, too, am a Lydia. I'm just here to leave my mark

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Meanings and history of the name Lydia

Lydia of Thyatira was the first recorded convert to Christianity in Europe

Origin: Greek
Meaning: 'Noble kind; of the noble sort'
Meaning: 'Dark Haired Maiden' or just 'Maiden'
According to Strong's Greek Lexicon, the name Lydia means 'travail'
In Old English Lydia also signifies 'beauty and beloved' and sometimes 'light'

The Lydian language, which seems to be a branch of Indo-European, is found on some inscriptions

Origin: Lydia was an area of Asia known for its two rich kings, Midas and Croesus. Maeonia was an ancient name of Lydia (whence perhaps ‘Maeonidēs’, i.e. Homer.)Lydia, the country that occupied the centre of western Asia Minor, with its capital at Sardis. It contained much natural wealth including gold and, being traversed by two main routes from the west coast to the interior, it gained wealth from trade and contributed greatly to the material prosperity of western Asia Minor, including the Greek cities. Under the dynasty of the Mermnadae, which was founded by Gyges early in the seventh century BC and ended with Croesus in the middle of the sixth, a Lydian empire was formed, extending north to the Troad and west to the territories of the Greek cities on the coast. It is clear from the poems of Alcaeus and Sappho that Lydia was not regarded as barbarian but enjoyed great esteem as a semi-Hellenic state; it was said to be the first country to use coined money.

Also Greeks used the name Lydia for a stone (touchstone, a kinf of Basalt) which they imported from the country Lydia. With this stone they had the ability to find the content of gold in an alloy.

Famous real-life people named Lydia

Lydia Lockett - Canadian jazz-poet, actress, comedienne, artist, songwriter
Lydia Cornell - American actress
Lydia Hearst-Shaw - American actress, model, and heiress
Lydia Pinkham - American entrepreneur
Lydia Millet - American novelist
Lydia Field Emmet - American painter
Lydia Child - American abolitionist
Lydia Taft - one of the first women voters in America
Lydia Lassila - Australian Olympic freestyle skier
Lydia Davis - American author
Lydia Gibson - American illustrator
Lydia Mackay - American theater actress
Lydia Moss Bradley - American philanthropist
Queen Lydia Lili'uokalani - last queen of Hawaii

Lydia in song, story & screen

"Lydia the Tattooed Lady", performed by Groucho Marx
Lydia Bennett, character in "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen
Lydia, character in the movie "Beetlejuice"
Lydia Jane Hibbert, the bride in the second wedding in "Four Weddings and a Funeral"
Lydia, the oldest daughter in Mrs. Doubtfire
Lydia Bob Scott, daughter of Hayley Bob James Scott and Nathan Royal Scott in "One Tree Hill"
Samantha's late mother in the American Girl series
Lydia Martin - From MTV's Teen Wolf (Played be Holland Roden.)
Lydia Rodart-Quale, Breaking Bad
"Lydia"-40's movie starring Merle Oberon
Lydia Ingalls from The Little House series
Lydia the housecarl and follower from the 2011 video game: Skyrim
*Lydia McBride - from The Work and the Glory series by Gerald N. Lund.
Lydia from Barbie & the Diamond Castle

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