Molly Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: MAH-lee (key)

Origin of the name Molly:

Originally a pet form of Mary, Molly is now bestowed as an independent given name in its own right.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Mary, Mollie, Polly

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Comments and insights on the name Molly

The name Molly is not pronounced MAH-lee, it is pronounced MOH-lee, but American accent gets in the way.

Molly is a beautiful name!

Molly is my favorite name and #1 on the list for a girl!

My daughter is named Molly, I love the name and chose it because her older brother was Morgan and sister was Megan and I had to have a M name for this special baby. It suits her to a T. She is cute and spunky and smart and beautiful. She was born in 1989 and is now 25. I knew several Molly's when I was pregnant and quizzed them about their name, if the liked it etc. each loved her name. I think it is friendly, easy to pronounce and grows with age. I also prefer Molly to Mollie. I have heard it as a dogs name... I prefer the human Molly's. My Molly is Molly Miranda M------. so she is 3-M

Being named Molly, as a teenager in 2014, has its flaws. For one thing, I'm teased all the time for having "a drug named after me,". But other than that, it's okay.

Molly is unpretentious and super sweet. I love how it rolls of the tongue. It's a classic name that has endured for centuries.

Personal experiences with the name Molly

As a kid i felt my name was dull. As I got older, it grew on me. It doesn't matter now because everyone I know calls me Gypsy and so when they haven't seen me in quite a long time I respond with, "I don't get out very often but when I do, I always take Molly. SMH

I've been a Molly for nearly 40 years now and I love it. When giving strangers my name (filling in forms etc) people so often comment on what a lovely name I have. It's familiar and easy to spell (although I *hate* Mollie). It's versatile: it can sound smart and professional or relaxed and comfortable. Easy to live with and I've never regretted it once, even though my mom did find it on a grave stone!

My name is Molly. Growing up, I was the only Molly I knew. There were no dogs named Molly back then. My name is a "nick name" for Mary. I did not really like my name growing up as it was so unusual. I love my name now. I think of it as a warm friendly open type of name.

I named my daughter Molly, and I'd say that William Gibson’s Molly plus Molly Ivins were important influences in making the name seem more smart, tough, sophisticated and adult. The name needs a nudge in this direction, IMO, because it otherwise risks being too cute, friendly, and naive-sounding. I paired it with a big, imposing middle name with family significance: she's Molly Mehitabel or occasionally Molly-bel.

I love names like Ruby, Hazel and Olive, and had always expected to use them for my kids. But these names had become stereotypical hipster baby names by the time I had my daughter, which pushed me toward the more "normal" old fashioned name of Molly.

I named my daughter Molly. Someone called her "Molly-Boo" once when she was a baby and seven years later we still call her Molly-Boo.
My daughters name is Molly as well. I absolutely love it but she hates it with a passion! She has heard of so many dogs named molly she tells me i gave her a dogs name..:(

LOL I absolutely agree about the dogs name..My Molly (9) asks why there are no other people called Molly just dogs... She has a brother and 3 sisters Jett, Ella, Willow, Allani

Nicknames for Molly

Moll, Molls, Molz
Moll Doll
Moo (Molly Moo)
TaMolly (Tamale)
Molly Mouse
Molly Dolly
Moller Dollar
Mollybdenum (If she likes science)
Miss Molly-all of my friends calls her that first time they meet her, without even knowing that other people call her that
My daughter's nickname is Balls but she's a softball pitcher. Lovely.

My school librarian calls me Mollywood

Little Miss Molly (when she was little).

I know one Molly that only responds to "Lightning Molly"

MoJo (If her middle name is Jo or similar)
Baby Mo

Meanings and history of the name Molly

The name Molly was traditionally brought to life as a persons name by Mother Catherine and Father Francis in the 19th Century.
Molly was traditionally a nickname for Mary - back when every other girl was named Mary.

Famous real-life people named Molly

Molly Ringwald, American actress
Molly Quinn, American actress
Molly Shannon, American actress
Mollie Birney, daughter of Meredith Baxter and David Birney, and twin sister of Peter Birney
Molly Sanden,Swedish singer
Molly June Benioff (b. 2010), daughter of American actress and writer Amanda Peet

Molly in song, story & screen

Song "Molly Darling"
Molly is a screen name in the film - Happy Days. It was directed by Alan Saunders in the early 1950's. She was a ginger, long haired, freckled geek with no personality.
Molly Weasley - matriarch of the Weasley family and husband of Arthur Weasley in J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" series.
Molly Weasley, daughter of Percy and Audrey Weasley in J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" series.
Molly Gibson - heroine of the novel Wives And Daughters (character's given name was Mary; Molly is the traditional nickname.)
Molly Millions - Razorgirl assassin in William Gibson's Neuromancer.
Molly McIntire-American Girl doll and heroine of the "Molly" series of books
There is a band called the Molly McGuires.
Flogging Molly, an Irish American Celtic punk band
Molly, a character from anime series, Sonic X
Molly, Big Comfy Couch
The Unsinkable Molly Brown - movie and real life heroine
"Molly" a song by Mindless Self Indulgence
Molly Hooper, a character in the Sherlock Holmes series
Molly Garfunckle, from the TV show 'How to Rock'

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