Nadine Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: nay-DEEN (key)

Related Names:

Dina, Nadia

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Dianne contains the same letters as Nadine

Personal experiences with the name Nadine

My name is pronounced the French way, nah-DIN. This has caused me my fair share of grief ever since grade school. I'm fine with people pronouncing it nah-DEEN because I get that not everyone has heard the French pronunciation (even in the bilingual country of Canada), but I can't abide being called NAY-DEEN, particularly after introducing myself clearly.

Working in a call centre caused no end of confusion with the understanding of my name. I've been predictably called Nadia, Natalie, or even the dreaded NAY-DEEN. Less predictably, I've also been identified as Lilian, Vivian, Nabini (?), Jillian, Jennifer, and Naomi.

It is also extremely difficult to find keychains, bookmarks, mugs, or other paraphernalia with my name on it, unless I'm in Quebec or France.

On the plus side, when I met famous author Diana Gabaldon at a book-signing, I told her my name and spelled it out for her. She grinned and said, "I thought that was the only way it could be spelled, though."

Nicknames for Nadine

Dina, Dini, Nanna, Nay, Nad, Nina

Meanings and history of the name Nadine

French form of the Russian (Slavic) name Nadia (Russian: Надя), Nadia being a diminutive of Nadezhda (Russian: Надежда). The name Nadezhda means "hope" in Russian.

Famous real-life people named Nadine

Nádine (born 1982), South African singer
Nadine Angerer (born 1978), German women's football player
Nadine Baggott (born c. 1964), English journalist and beauty expert
Nadine Beiler (born 1990), Austrian singer
Nadine Blacklock (1953–1998), American nature photographer
Nadine Chandrawinata (born 1984), the Miss Indonesia 2005 and Indonesian representative in the 2006 Miss Universe Pageant
Nadine Chanz (born 1972), German Playboy model and actress
Nadine Conner (1914–2003), American soprano
Nadine Coyle (born 1985), singer in the all-girl group Girls Aloud
Nadine Dorries (born 1957), British politician
Nadine Ernsting-Krienke (born 1974), field hockey striker from Germany
Nadine Garner (born 1970), Australian actress
Nadine George (born 1968), West Indian cricketer
Nadine Gordimer (born 1923), Nobel and Booker Prize winning South African novelist and writer
Nadine Haobsh (born 1980), American beauty journalist and novelist
Nadine Heredia, political campaigner and First Lady of Peru
Nadine Hildebrand (born 1987), German track and field athlete
Nadeen L. Kaufman (born 1945), American psychology professor
Nadine Kleinert (born 1975), Olympic silver medal-winning German shot put athlete
Nadine Kraus (born 1988), German footballer
Nadine Krause (born 1982), German handball player
Nadine Labaki, Lebanese actress and director
Nadine Lambert (1926–2006), American psychology and education professor
Nadine Lewington, British actress
Nadine Lockwood (1991–1996), child from Washington Heights, New York who was murdered by her mother
Nadine Milroy-Sloan (born 1973), British criminal convicted of falsely accusing Neil and Christine Hamilton of rape
Alanis Nadine Morissette, Canadian singer
Nadine Müller (athlete) (born 1985), German discus thrower
Nadine Neumann (born 1975), Australian Olympic breaststroke swimmer
Nadine Njeim (born 1988), Lebanese model
Nadine Salameh (born 1979), Syrian/Palestinian actress
Nadine Samonte (born 1988), German-Filipina actress
Nadine Schön (born 1983), German politician
Nadine Shamir (1972–2004), American singer-songwriter
Nadine Strossen (born 1950), the current president of the American Civil Liberties Union
Nadine Trintignant (born 1934), French cineast and author
Nadine Velazquez (born 1978), American actress and model
Nadine Wilson, Canadian politician

Nadine in song, story & screen

"Nadine" by Chuck Berry, famously covered by George Thorogood
"Nadine Cross" from Stephen King's "The Stand"
"Nadine" by Matt Cohen
Nadine from the show Hey Arnold
Marina Nadine Cooper, fictional character on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light
Nadine Hurley, fictional character on the television series Twin Peaks
Nadine Flumberghast, a fictional character in Arthur

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