Sabrina Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: sah-BREE-nə (key)

Origin of the name Sabrina:

Of uncertain etymology, Sabrina is believed to be of Celtic origin, as it is borne in Celtic mythology by an illegitimate daughter of the Welsh king Locrine. The child was ordered drowned by the king's wife, Gwendolen, thus giving her name to the river in which the foul deed took place. Latin writings of the 1st century list the river's name as Sabrina, but it is now known as the Severn.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Bree, Brina, Zabrina

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Comments and insights on the name Sabrina

It's a beautiful name.

Personal experiences with the name Sabrina

I always liked my name, I had never met someone in my school, public, high school, or college, with my name. To this day I only know people who know of another Sabrina. I have never met one myself. As a kid I liked being the only Sabrina... it was MY name... I found it weird that others shared names and thought it made them less unique. My Mother picked it in 1980; "According to legend, Sabrina lives in the river, which reflects her mood. She rides in a chariot and dolphins and salmon swim alongside her". I always thought that was beautiful.

People commenting on "Sabrina the teenage witch" can be very annoying, but i have been teased and been called "Sabrina the teenage bitch".

when I first had my daughter, while I was pregnant I looked up Sabrina, and the name meant light and bright eyed....There was no celtic reference.....And my daughter has very pretty eyes and she lights up everyone she knows with her laughter and playfulness....

I absolutely hated my name all throughout my child hood and thought it ugly... Now I like that it is not a extremely common name and now find it beautiful...

I have always loved my name, it is uncommon, and very pretty. I really like it when people make jokes about Sabrina the Teenage Witch/Bitch, but that's because I take great pride in being a bitch, (I'm a good bitch, not a bad bitch.) And I just happened to be a witch, so I haven't a problem with it. Also, I have Irish and English heritage, I was very happy to learn that it was a Celtic name. I find that the name is very strong, and suits me very well.

Every time I tell someone my name they bring up Sabrina The Teenage Witch.(It can get pretty annoying.)

I agree with the Sabrina The Teenage Witch thing, that got old really quickly. Although I haven't heard it much in the last 5 years, so little girls named Sabrina probably won't have the same problem. My family calls me "Brini" as a nickname.

People always bring up Sabrina the Teenage Witch for me too! It gets super annoying...

I'm so glad we named our daughter Sabrina Brianne. I was actually upset that a cousin had stolen the name Brianna since I had planned on using that name. I was so upset that I had given up on names. I had given up to the point that my husband grabbed the name book we bought and found the name Sabrina. I went along with it saying, "I didn't care..." Now I love, love, love that name! I think Sabrina is a beautiful name!!! My daughter loves her name too and she's 14 now.

My mom was really upset with my aunt, her sister, because mom always wanted a little girl named Sabrina, and my aunt named her daughter, who is eleven months older than me, Katrina. But, thankfully, I was still named Sabrina. As I mentioned before, I love the Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and I think it's very funny because on the show she had an 'evil twin' named Katrina. *Evil grin* so mom got her pay back a little bit.

I had always loved the name "Sari", but not as a given name - as a nickname. I didn't find any name it could be a nickname for that I liked until I saw the name "Sarina" and thought: Sabrina! Perfect! I do not know of any other Sabrinas with the nickname Sari. I suppose it is quite unusual.

Nicknames for Sabrina

Bree, Bri, Brie, Brina, Rina, Sabs, Sab, Sabby, Sabster, Breenie, Brini, Breena, Bean, Beany, Bina, B, Sabrine, Brine, Rina, Rena, Bri Bri, Na, Nina,

My husband nicknamed our daughter "Sabie Babie". (pronounced "Saybee Baby")

Sabrie(or Sabree),
Sabe (Pronounced Sa-B)


My nephew couldn't pronounce Sabrina. So after a lot of coaching we finally got him to say "SirBina"! I loved it! So, it stuck!

My name is Sabrina people in my family have called me brina boo, bri, brina and most others called me sabb, sabby or bri

Meanings and history of the name Sabrina

The Severn River name is recorded as early as the 2nd century ad in the form Sabrina. This is one of Britain’s most ancient river names.

Origin: British
Meaning: Legendary princess.

Origin: Italian
Meaning: From the border.

Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: A Welsh river name

Mythology: the name of a Celtic maiden in a Welsh tale.
According to a legend recounted by Geoffrey of Monmouth in the 12th century, Habren or Sabrina, the Latinized form of the river's Common Brittonic or proto-Welsh name, was the daughter of a king named Locrinus (also known as Locrin or Locrine in English) by his mistress, the Germanic princess Estrildis. Locrinus ruled England after the death of his father, Brutus of Troy, the legendary second founder of Britain. Locrinus cast aside his wife, Guendolen, and their son Maddan and acknowledged Sabrina and her mother, but the enraged Guendolen raised an army against him and defeated Locrinus in battle. Guendolen then ordered that Sabrina and her mother be drowned in the river. The river was named after Sabrina so Locrine's betrayal of Guendolen would never be forgotten. The Severn River.

According to legend, Sabrina lives in the river, which reflects her mood. She rides in a chariot and dolphins and salmon swim alongside her.

Severn is the male version name of Sabrina

Famous real-life people named Sabrina

-Sabrina (actress), the stage name of Norma Ann Sykes, a British glamour model and actress
-Sabrina (Portuguese artist), the stage name of Teresa Villa-Lobos, a Portuguese singer
-Sabrina Brazzo (born 1968), Italian ballerina
-Sabrina Bryan, stage name Reba Hinojos, member of pop group The Cheetah Girls
-Sabrina Dornhoefer, an American middle distance runner
-Sabrina Ferilli, an Italian actress
-Sabrina Goleš, a 1980s Croatian tennis player who represented Yugoslavia
-Sabrina Jeffries, the pen name of Deborah Gonzales, an American author
-Sabrina Le Beauf, an American actress from the Cosby Show
-Sabrina Lloyd, an American actress who starred in Sliders and Sports Night
-Sabrina Richard, a French weightlifter
-Sabrina Hochstein, German yorkshire au pair legend
-Sabrina Sabrok, an Argentine-Mexican model and host
-Sabrina Salerno, the stage name of Norma Salerno, an Italian Disco singer, actress and model
-Sabrina Sojourner, motivational speaker, writer, and lay Jewish leader
-Sabrina Carpenter (born 1999), American teen actress and singer
-Sabrina Sakaë Mottola Sodi (b. 2007), daughter of Mexican singer, songwriter, and actress Thalía

Sabrina in song, story & screen

-Sabrina the Teenage Witch
-Sabrina, 1954 film starring Audrey Hepburn; also a 1995 remake starring Julia Ormond.
-Sabrina is the water-nymph which rescues the children from danger in John Milton's "Masque at Ludlow Castle (Comus)." A section of the poem is quoted in the play "Sabrina Fair" on which the two films are based.
-Sabrina is the name of the snow princess in Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess.
-Sabrina Duncan, a character played by Kate Jackson on the 1976 television series, Charlie's Angels
-Sabrina, the Gym Leader of Saffron City in the Pokemon franchise, first appearing in 1996
-Sabrina Grimm, a main character in The Sisters Grimm series of novels (2005 to 2012) written by Michael Buckley
-Sabrina Costelana Newman, a character played by Raya Meddine on the 2008 season of the American soap opera The Young and the Restless
-Sabrina Santiago, a character played by Teresa Castillo premiering in the 2012 season of the American soap opera General Hospital
-Sabrina Spellman from Netflix Original series "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

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