Savannah Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: sah-VA-nə (key)

Origin of the name Savannah:

Derived from the Spanish savannah (a treeless plain).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Savanna, Savana, Savanah

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Comments and insights on the name Savannah

My 3 year old is named Savannah. We had a different name picked out but after she was born it didn't seem to suit her. My husband picked Savannah out of my original list of girl names (I actually started liking it from a tv show- Chrisley Knows Best). She also has her father's middle name...Lynn. Savannah Lynn looks like Darla off Little Rascals and has the personality equivalent to a category five hurricane. I love her sassiness! She gets called Savannah Banana quit a bit. Before she could pronounce her name she called herself Sanna.

My 1yr old daughter is named Savannah Michelle. Name her after Savannah, Georgia. I wanted her name to start with a B like her dads so we call her Bannah or Bam Bam. I love the name and get compliments on it all the time.

My now 24yr old daughter is called Savannah Jane and was named after the song 'Blue Savannah' by a British duo called Erasure. My ex husband is American and our second daughter born 14 months later is called Georgia Marie and named after the song 'Georgia on my Mind' by Ray Charles. We like unusual names and our son who is now 21 is called Gage William. Gage is old French and means Pledge.

I grew up as a little girl in love with the movie Savannah Smiles. I always knew I would name my first daughter Savannah. She is 12 now. Middle name is Paige. We called her Savannah banana as a baby then nanners for short. Nanners stuck as her nickname. Sad the little girl who played Savannah smiles died too young. I got a hold of her sister on myspace and told her I named my daughter after her sister's character. Apparently a lot of mommies did! :)

Our 6 year old daughter is named Savannah-Unity. She was born in Australia & it was very rare there. We moved to China & again no other Savannahs. In UK now it's become more popular (I am english). The Unity part was after my nan who had Irish parents and was given away to an orphanage. Her name was Winifred Unity. I love how unique her babe is but some family members made comments that sounded like a peice of ikea furniture. We don't shorten Savannah & I don't like Savvy but she calls herself Adanna (couldn't pronounce it from age 2 & it stuck)
I am pregnant with our 2nd girl and I like Saskia-Amity. I had Savannahs name the whole pregnancy after seeing it in a magazine interview...the name of Sienna Millers sister.

My name is Savannah and my mom named me after the movie Savannah Smiles also. She made my middle name Rose because it was always her favorite flower. When I was a baby I had a friend who couldn't pronounce my name so he called me Sanna. Ever since then my closest friends and family have called me that, except for one of my friends who calls me Vanna. I really like my name but it gets annoying when I have to write my first and last name because they are both really long. But I would never change my name, I think it is very pretty.

My daughter's name is Savannah Zoe. We call her Savi most of the time. She's only 19 months but she seems to really like her name. She also gets called Savannah Banana by her grandfather and Vanna by her cousins who can't quite pronounce her name yet.

This is a really cute girly name!
My name is Savannah Storie, and i absolutely love the name. I live in Florida, and i think it's a pretty common name more so in the south than anywhere else. i like the length and pretty ring to my name, but i want to discover history about it. it is ironic, also, because i am a writer, and my name's savannah storie

I love this name I Think it is soo cute I am definitly naming my first daughter this! I'm not sure of a middle name but probably Savannah Catharine, Savannah May, Savannah Elizabeth!

I read Pat Conroy's book Prince of Tides when I was in high school and LOVED the name Savannah. It was the first time I ever heard the city used as a girls' name but I decided that if I ever had a daughter, I would name her Savannah. I call her Savy now that she is a teenager.

The name Savannah is #10 on the list of top 100 cool baby girl names in the baby name book "Cool Names" by Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz.

We adopted our daughter Savannah and her 2 sisters. I just love her name but we did change her middle name to skye. It's funny now how everyone in the family calls her by both names. It just flows real nice.


I named my daughter Savannah Michelle. I was having twins and knew baby A would be named Savannah. It's the perfect name for her. Her nickname is Banny, but we also call her silly names like Big Fanny, Bananny, and Ban.

I was named after the movie Savannah Smiles, my mom thought the little girl was adorable. I middle name is Marie, no meaning behind it.

Hi, I see a lot of "H's" on the end of Savannah! My name is Savanna Summers. I absolutely love the name my mother and father gave me. I'm from Canada and it's not as rare as you think it is here either. I was called Savanna Banana as a kid and it never really stuck, especially once I got older. Couple years ago my first and only brother was born, Haedon, and he couldn't pronounce the S in my name. So I was called Vanna. That one stuck and it still does. My friends enjoy to call me Savy! I think it's so crazy to see how many people actually share the same name as me! Love the name ladies!

Personal experiences with the name Savannah

I named my second child Savannah Rain we call her vannah or banna. My dad calls her Savannah-anna sometimes we love it!

My daughter is Savannah Corinne (cor-in). She was named after Savannah, GA, which was named after the Shawnee word for Southern. Corinne means beautiful maiden.

My daughter's name is Savannah. I've loved it since the movie Savannah Smiles as well! Her middle name is Corinne (pronounced Cor-een, not Cor-in) because it is my middle name and her grandma's (my mom's). So far she doesn't have any nicknames!

When we started the adoption process, we were fully prepared to change our child's given birth name if we didn't like it. Imagine our surprise and delight the first time we heard our daughter's name: Savannah. We NEVER would have picked the name if left to our own devices, but once we heard it we just knew it was perfect. Our little Savannah goes by Savvy most of the time, with an occasional "Savs" thrown in for fun.

My name is Savannah and i always recieve compliments on my name and have only ever met 2 other Savannahs. My middle name is also Georgia and i have met 1 other person with the name Savannah Georgia also.

My daughter's name is Savannah. I don't usually call her by a shortened version of it. I've always wanted to name my first daughter that from the movie Savannah Smiles. But choosing her middle name was a challenge. I finally chose Sage, so I call her that as her 'nickname'. Usually I just call her Savannah. My mom calls her Savvy though.

Oh my gosh, i'm named after the movie savannah smiles too! My middle name is lynn, and my nick name is savy or sav, sometimes savalina or savyloo.

I have a 3 year old we named Savannah Nicole. But upon bringing her home our then 2 and a half year old Maddie started calling her Banna so that has been her nick name :)

My name is Savannah and my mom had a hard time choosing my middle name but she decided on Louise after my aunt. so as far as nick names go people will call me weeza or weezy, and a lot of people call me vannah and some friends say savannahaha or van-van. whatever pops in there minds. a good thing about it though is its a hard name to make fun of.

My little sister, who is 2. Her name is Savannah. My mom had a rough time coming up with a middle name. She finally came up with the name Marie. I call Nanah-Banana.

My name is Savannah and I love it :) My parents named me Savannah Kathryn and I use it more often than my last name. My friends call me: Savvy, Sav, Vanna, Vannah, Van-Van (only my bestie)a, Banana, Nanna, or whatever they decided they can make out of my name. Love my name! Love my middle name! They just flow together:)

My name is Savannah Emily, and I love it a whole lot. My mom calls me San-Banan, San, Wannie, Sanna, and Banana.It is such a fun name!

My middle daughter is named Savannah Frances I fell in love with the city and named her after it. We call her Nanny Fran or Nanners. Its an awesome name. She is a 11 almost 12 now. She is all Moxie I have never regretted name her Savannah.

My name is Savannah Dare. My mom named me after Savannah, Georgia because she thought it was beautiful. As for my middle name she wanted something different. I always here people say that my middle name and first name sound wonderful together!

My name is Savannah Lea. I was named for the city in Georgia (where my mother was born) and it works with my heritage (my father is Spanish). My middle name is intended as a creative spelling of Lee, my great-grandmother's middle name. I was born in the late 80's in California, when the name was starting to become familiar. However it was still uncommon then, and I was often mistaken for "Sarah" or "Sierra", names which were much more popular then. Spelling mistakes were also common-Savana, Savanna, Savanah, etc. I am mostly called Vannah by friends and family, although sometimes my grandfather calls me Savvy. My partner often calls me Vana (pronounced VAHN-nah) and my younger sister calls me Nana (she couldn't pronounce my name when she was little), but anyone not close to me has to call me Savannah. I love the name, and I often get comments on how pretty it is.

Nicknames for Savannah

Savvy, Sav, Anna, Vann, Vannah, Vanna, Zanna, San, Sanna, Sannah, Ana, Nanny, Vanny, Sav-Sav, Salt, Arse

Meanings and history of the name Savannah

It is of Spanish origin, and its meaning is "treeless plain" from Spanish sabana. The Spanish word was borrowed from the Taino word zabana.

The name "Savannah" comes from a group of Shawnee who migrated to Georgia in the 1680s. These Shawnee were called by several variant names such as Shawano, Savano, Savana, and Savannah. The name Savannah comes from Algonquian terms meaning "southerner" and perhaps "salt".

The name was derived from the English term "savanna", a kind of tropical grassland

A beautiful historic city in Georgia, often called the "hostess city", the oldest city in the state.

Famous real-life people named Savannah

Savannah Outen, American singer
Savannah Miller, American-English designer
Savannah Guthrie, American journalist
Savannah Montano, famous on social media such as Twitter
Savannah Chrisley, known for her family's reality show "Chrisley Knows Best" on network USA.
Savannah Anne Kathleen Phillips, Queen Elizabeth’s eldest great-granddaughter
Savannah LaBrant, Author, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Photographer and YouTuber.

Savannah in song, story & screen

Movie -- 'Savannah Smiles' 1982, starring Bridgette Andersen as Savannah
Song-- 'Blue Savannah' by Erasure
Song -- 'Sweet Savannah' by Shooter Jennings (great song!)
Book and Movie -- "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks. the main's name is Savannah
Savannah Wingo character in the 1986 novel and 1991 film "The Prince of Tides"
Savannah Johnson character in the 1992 novel and 1995 film "Waiting to Exhale"
Savannah Barnett character in the t.v. show "Surface"
Savanna- a mean popular girl from "Rugrat's: All Grown up"
Savannah Camden-Kinkirk: Lucy and Kevin's infant daughter on last few seasons of 7th Heaven
Savannah Constance Levine Character in Kelley Armstrong The Women of the otherworld
Savannah 'Savi' Davis, character in US TV show "Mistresses"
Savannah, character in the Nickelodeon TV movie, Swindled
Savannah Sinclair, character in Heather Vogel Frederick's "The Mother-Daughter Book Club"

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