Sophie Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: SOH-fee (key)

Origin of the name Sophie:

A borrowing from the Greek, Sophia is directly derived from sophia (wisdom, skill). The name has been in common use in England since the 17th century, when it was bestowed upon the infant daughter of James I.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Sofie, Sophia

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Comments and insights on the name Sophie

After Sophia made it to the top 10, Sophie entered the top 100, and now at #82, it's bound to rise even higher!

Sophie is not so common in the US that there will be five Sophie's in your kid's class, but neither will she ever find a keychain with her name on it like the Elizabeths and Janes and Susans of the world will. However, if she lives or goes to the UK or Europe, it will be the completely opposite and there are "Sophie keychains" everywhere. But it's a simple enough name that no one will ever pronounce it wrong (except to mistakingly call her Sophia) or lift an eyebrow at it or ask how her parents' came up with it. It's a pretty and serviceable name and it will serve her no matter what her personality is.
^^This was probably posted back in 2009. Sophie is an extremely popular name as to where there ARE actually 5 people in her class. I agree that she'll never find a keychain with her name on it because they will be all sold out.

I love my name (Sophie), but many people call me Sophia on accident. I also get Sofa a lot too.

My name is Sophie and there are 5 Sophie/a’s in my grade. It is so annoying when everyone even after telling them that my name is Sophie still calls me Sophia and the actual Sophia’s Sophie. I have never once found a keychain with my name on it. It’s always Sophia.

Personal experiences with the name Sophie

A cute, adorable name that suits any little girl and grows up fine to a beautiful adult. This name is absolutely wonderful!

This name is perfect for me! I'm a teacher's pet and my friends say I'm super smart (but I don't know). I REALLY hate when people call me Sophia, because it's SOPHIE!!!! I love owls (and the Greek Goddess Athena). I have so many nicknames though! My mom chose this name because it doesn't really have any nicknames, but I have found it to be nickname prone. I don't mind Soph, but Sofa gets on my nerves. This is an awesome name!

My name is Sophie, and I'm pretty much top of my class when it comes to Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology, American History, ELA, and Spanish, so I find that the meaning of my name suits me quite well. I have been trying to find keychains with my name on them for ages, and only found one with the right spelling in it. I've found Sophia, Sofie, and stuff like that. I love my name, and I'm fine with people calling me Sophie or Soph, but definitely not Sofa or Sophia. I absolutely hate it when people call me those or when my classmates, when I've known most of them since kindergarten, spell my name wrong. There's a Sofie in my grade, and when we got put in the same class in third grade, our teacher nicknamed me Dr. Sophie since I had a 'ph' in my name and she didn't. I loved that nickname, and that teacher was my favorite.

I absolutely adore this name and have never wished for a different one (though I have wished for a different middle name). My only cross to bear with this name is that I'm forever telling people that it's Sophie, not Sophia and that it's spelled with a "ph" not an "f" and an "ie" not an "ia". In school the kids teased me with "sofa" but as cruel nicknames go that one is pretty good (at least it's not like the poor Richards and Dicks of the world). All in all, I'm entirely happy and blessed to have Sophie as my name and I wouldn't have it any other way.

My name is Sophie, and I'm not too fussed with it. I love the meaning of it, and my favourite animal is an owl due to that. However, I have a problem with the nickname Soph, as that seems to be the nickname every single Sophie/Sophia goes by, and even when strangers have just learnt my name, unfortunately, I become Soph. Have been called Sophia a few times, which also irritates me. No one has asked me about spelling though, I'm very lucky about that. If wanting to call a child Sophie, when they are younger, ask them what they would like to be called, and come up with a nickname she wouldn't mind friends calling her.

Sophie is the best name I could have and I'm very lucky to have it! Everyone tells me, "what a pretty name!". Sophie is becoming very popular though, so I don't feel as unique as I want to. Though I have a friend named Sophie, and her real name is Sophia. Her parents were debating between the two, because they thought Sophie would sound too babyish as an adult and Sophia too sophisticated as a kid, so they named her Sophia and she goes by Sophie and maybe later will go by Sophia. There are 2 Sophias and 2 Sophies (including me) in my grade, but one Sophie's real name is Sophia, so at least I can say I'm the only birth Sophie in my grade. Also, a tip for when you have two people with the same name: take the first initial of the last name and replace the first letter with that. So when my friend Sophie comes over we go by Dophie and Pophie.

I'm 22 and my name is Sophie, I love it, it's feminine but not too "flowery"and it translates well across different cultures and languages. I just wish it were a little bit less common (in Ireland). As for the nickname "Soph", I do hate when people go to it straight away having just met me and I usually correct people, my parents hated it being shortened when I was growing up, but now that I'm older I think it's a cute nickname between my good friends.

My daughters name is Sophie and we love it! When we names her it wasn't as popular as it is today. My husband and I had never personally known a Sophie or Sophia. Now when people ask her name they always know another Sophie or Sophia. Even with its popularity I still don't regret her name. Its beautiful and classic. It also in opinion ages well for both a little girl and a woman's name.

Nicknames for Sophie

Soph, Sophers, Sophie-bear, Slow-phie, Sofa, Sophie-Soph, soap-ee, Fi, Soph-a-loph, Loph, Lophie, Plopher, Ploph, Phia, Phee, Phie, Phie Phie, Fee, Fee Fee, Sophie BaGophie, Gophsters,Gophers, Gophs, Ophie Dophie, Soph, Sonia. pia

Meanings and history of the name Sophie

Wise- Sophie means wisdom.

Famous real-life people named Sophie

Sophie Tucker, American actress and singer
Sophie Turner, English actress
Sophie Marceau, French actress
Sophie Anne Sinise (b. 1988), daughter of Moira and Gary Sinise
Sophie Lane Nolte (b. 2007), daughter of Clytie Lane and Nick Nolte
Sophie Frederica Alohilani Von Haselberg (b. 1986), daughter of Bette Midler and Martin Von Haselberg
Sophie Calle, French artist
Sophie Dahl, English model and writer
Sophie, Countess of Wessex (husband of HRH Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex)
Sophie Clarke, Most notorious female serial killer (b. 1999)

Sophie in song, story & screen

"Soph", one of Bette Midler's stage characters, based on Sophie Tucker
Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder
Sophie's Choice, novel and film (Meryl Streep starred as Sophie of the title)
Sophie is a main character in Mamma Mia!, the Broadway musical and 2008 movie
Sophie's Hideaway, a children's book by Renate Kozikowsk
Sophie is the main character of the Roald Dahl book, the BFG. (Named after Dahl's granddaughter, Sophie Dahl).
"Sophie Skates" a children's picture book by Rachel Isadora
Sophie is the main character of the book and movie Howl's Moving Castle.
Sophie is the main character in 2010's romantic comedy, Letters to Juliet.
Sophie is a main character in the book series "The Immortal Nicholas Flamel" by Michael Scott
Sophie Devereux, a con artist in the show "Leverage"
Sophie, one of the Stepford Cuckoos in the X-Men comics

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