Zoe Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: ZOH-ee (key)

Origin of the name Zoe:

A borrowing from the Greek, Zoe is derived from zōē (life).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Xoe, Xoey, Zoey, Zoie, Zoya

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Comments and insights on the name Zoe

I was named Zoe in the '80s before it became trendy. My mom got the name from Lord Byron's poem "Maid of Athens, ere we part" which has the line "Zoe mou sas agapo." Translated from Greek this means "My life, I love you." You can imagine her frustration when the name became popular and people started naming Zoes after a muppet lol.

Zoe is such a beautiful name with such a beautiful meaning, but Zoë completely ruins the name.

I am Greek but DH is German so we were wondering whether we should use the diaeresis (Zoë) on our name or not. DH actually decided against it saying that it would complicate the simple name and I couldn't agree more.

I was absolutely floored when looking on the NameVoyager the other day at Zoe, and saw that it was ranked 350-ish in the 1800s, which is amazing, higher than my name, Natalie (550-ish), which I always thought was classic.

My daughter's name is Zoe. She is twelve and wishes it had a "y" on the end because people often mispronounce it and she wants to have a pretty way of writing it. I tell her to add the y if and when she likes. Our last name is greek, so we kept the traditional spelling for continuity. People seem to really LOVE her name.

I don't like Zoë, but Zoe looks cute.

Elizabeth, Rose, Joy, and ESPECIALLY Grace, are so common for the name Zoe. I like the long middle name for a short first name, but those four middle names should not be used.

My name is Zoe (long e), and my middle name is Louise. Its a common middle name, but it fits so well. I have also acquired a nickname. Since I have been a tomboy all my life, I have been named 'Zobro'. I love it.

My little sister who is 12 name is Zoe Lynn. It fits her well and I like this spelling. Zoey is okay i guess but Zoie is weird to me so I think Zoe is the best spelling of the name.

My name is Zoe and I am 14. I don't really like the way my name sounds - the long E sound doesn't sound good to me. I have two middle names, Olivia and Bird, both of which are awesome. (Yes, Bird is my second middle name. It actually can be traced pretty far back in my family - at least back to the mid 1800s.) My name is frequently mispronounced as just 'Zo' which can get quite annoying.

Personal experiences with the name Zoe

We're going to name our (October) baby "Zoe", and the nicknames I intend to force on everyone (at least while she's still young) are "Zizou" and "Zola" (her second name will be Temilola"
Some thing I'd definitely do my best to avoid are any possible forms the Polish side of the family may come up with, names that end with 'ka' :/

My name is NOT pronounced with a long E. It's Zoe, like Joe. My mother was adamant about this. ...And, no, we are not

I hate the nickname Zoella

For all of the people out there who want to use the middle name Elizabeth - especially when paired up with Zoe - should feel free to do as they please. My name is Zoe Elizabeth ___ and I love it. The middle name was passed down in my family for ages, and the oldest daughter always got the middle name. I hope to continue this tradition. Elizabeth isn't just a stupid name that isn't creative and all kids named this hate, not at all. I have found it very helpful in making friends (they can pronounce your name and make a connection), and one of my best friends is named Zoe Elizabeth too. That was why we made friends in the first place. I am just trying to say that naming your kid Zoe Elizabeth isn't harmful, because for me, it was helpful.

I empathize with the woman whose name is pronounced like "Joe." But most people with the name do pronounce it ZOE-ee,(like Joey). So we're surprised that about 30-40% of those who read her name, assume it's pronounced like "Joe." We even have a friend who, after we've pronounced her name ZOE-ee in front of her many times, still pronounces it like "Joe." She must think our pronunciation is a nickname, like Joey. We assumed Zoe was "nickname proof" but find ourselves calling her by many nicknames, including ZuZu, as in "ZuZu's petals! from "It's a Wonderful Life."

My experience with the name Zoe has been kind of tiring when it comes to the pronunciation. People tend to pronounce it without the 'e.'

I was actually surprised when people came up with nicknames for it as well. I got names such as 'ZoZo,' 'Eoz,'and a bunch of others you have to hear instead of reading them. But it is kind of nice have a name that is not very common (at least where I am living). It makes you feel somewhat origional(except when people mix up the name). So other than this I do find that Zoe would be a good name for any child choosen to be blessed with it.

My name is Zoe with the e sound at the end. I just thought I would share the strange nicknames I have gotten from my name since it isn't super nickname-able. I mean how do you nickname a name that is only 3 letters? Zoseph- like Joseph:Joey to Zoseph:Zoe. Then there is Zoz which is shortening Zozo to one syllable. Zoph- a shortening of Zoseph. There are more but they are used less frequently. I love nicknames so I was really excited when my friends started getting creative with what to call me.
I have a little sister named Zoe and she is cute and very funny with a great sense of humor.

I was named Zoe before it became popular and didn't meet another Zoe until I went to college. I loved having a different, unusual name growing up. Now it's everywhere, which is really a shame (my mom is still really bummed it became trendy). The downside growing up was that NO ONE could pronounce it. Now that it;s popular the new problem is that no one can spell it (everyone thinks they should add a Y on the end because apparently that's what people are doing now- my pet peeve. Folks, it's a Greek name and shouldn't be spelled with a Y!!!) On the plus side, everyone will think I'm younger than I actually am since every other Zoe is 15 yrs my junior ;)

My name is Zoe (long e) and since I started school 16 years ago I've been called (Zo). My name is not Zo, it's Zoe. (Eeeeee) like the name literally has an e on the end. The e is not invisible or silent so pronounce it right it's not hard. Like seriously ZO-E. Zoe. Z o e.
Z. O. E.

My daughter's name is Zoe and she likes the spelling. She's now a Senior in high school and when she was young I didn't have issues with mispronunciation but in recent years people have become so used to seeing a y at the end that they often mispronounce it like Joe. I actually had a nurse at the doctor's office pronounce it this way and when I corrected her she told me I forgot the y. -_-

I know a Zoe that wants to stab people in the head with a ruler

Nicknames for Zoe

Zoe (like toe)
Zoom Zoom
Zoey - Boey
ZZ Top
Zo - bug
Zippy zappy
(if middle name Elizabeth) ZoBeth
People with the name Zoe hate nicknames for the name Zoe because, let's face it, there are no good ones. - signed, Zoe (no nickname)

If you grew up a Zoe before Zoe was a popular name you were usually called Zo because people had no idea how to pronounce it. So, in response to the above poster, Zoe (like toe) equals No (like no). (We really hate that one). Zozo and ZoeyBoey were also quite annoying.

Meanings and history of the name Zoe

Zoe is Greek for "life" - meaning intellectual or spiritual life rather than animal/plant life, which was called "bios" (the root of the word biology).

Famous real-life people named Zoe

Zoe (she doesn't have the diaresis) Elizabeth Sugg - British youtuber
Zoë Saldana - American actress
Zoë Kravitz - American actress
Zoe Grace Quaid (b. 2007), daughter of American actor Dennis Quaid

Zoe in song, story & screen

"Zoe" is a cute girl monster Muppet on the children's tv show "Sesame Street."
Zoe Alleyne Washburn, character in the TV series Firefly and the movie Serenity played by Gina Torres.
Lenny Kravitz has a song named "Flowers for Zoë" for the daughter named Zoë that he had with Lisa Bonet.
Zoe, daughter of Cybil Shepard, from the TV show "Cybil".
Zoe Graystone, character in the TV series Caprica played by Alessandra Toressani.
Zoe MacPherson, character in the "Baby Blues" comic strip.
Zoe Hanna Clinical lead in the tv show Casualty!
Zoë Hart, main character in the TV show 'Hart of Dixie', played by Rachel Bilson.
"Zoe Jane", song by Staind about Aaron Lewis' thoughts about becoming a father.
Zoe Rivas, a character in Canadian television series Degrassi.
Zoe Nightshade, a character in Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Zoe, from rom-com movie The Back-Up Plan, portrayed by Jennifer Lopez
Zoe Sartorius is every sartorian's best friend. She's truly supportive and helps you through the toughest problems. She's also a heart catcher! No matter what gender, her personality will catch your heart. She's very comforting to be around and is the funniest,weirdest,cutest,and smartest girl you'll ever meet. She's also known as (jawlinejacxbs)
Zoe Murphy, the main character's love interest in the hit musical Dear Evan Hansen, originally portrayed by Laura Dreyfuss

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